Happy 2!! Day 1

Luca: 24 months old!
Words: Mama, Papa, boat, goat, orange, juice, yellow, aka (red), ao (blue), My (always putting his hand on his chest), NO (of course), bus, map, map (for snack), backpack (but sounds like baka… it means stupid in Japanese. I’m not happy about that but I know he is trying to say it so I’m not stopping him or should I?), Mao (his stuffed animal – cat friend), dirt.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Luca! I’m so happy that we came this far (we’d better! lol)! It has been a journey with a lot of laughs, cryings, upsetting and again more laughs.  I’m so lucky that I am your mom and it seems like you are growing big with healthy body and mind.

On Day 1, you woke up and saw a bunch of balloons and the banner that said “Happy Birthday”! And you said “Wow!!”. I was so happy that now you know something special is going on. Yeah it’s YOUR birthday!! You opened the first birthday present which was in the yellow bag and it was from your grandma (my mom)! You were a little shy to open the bag but you were excited to get something! haha And you know what you received? A BACKPACK!! It’s still a little big on you but now you can pack your toys, and snacks and go!! 😀

Now it’s a pancake time with berries! I know you LOVE pancakes! 🙂

After the breakfast, Papa, and I wanted to take you to the LA Zoo for the first time but Papa had to go to his dr. appt so I took you to the beach. You LOVE sands, and beach got a lot of sands everywhere!! So I thought it would be a dream land to play there for you. 🙂

After we played on beach, I thought a bike ride would be fun too. I found a spot where it’s close to the rental place and it’s right next to a restaurant so it was perfect for lunch.
You were so excited and asked me to pedal faster and longer. You said “more! more! more!” It was really fun and it was a good exercise for me. I was sweating! hahaha But… you weren’t a fan of the helmet (you have to wear it though!). After while, you were getting annoyed with the helmet and cried for a bit and asked me to take it off. I couldn’t do that until I return the bicycle. We stayed at the Santa Monica Beach until 2pm (I think). You were so tired because we missed your nap time (usually it’s from 1230pm or 1pm)…

Since your Papa didn’t get to join our party, Papa took you and me to a vegan place for dinner (we are not Vegans but I have recommended to him before because it’s such a yummy place!) which is called Sage in Culver City (I’m sorry there are no photos of food!).


I hope you had a great 2nd year birthday! More fun stuffs to follow for your birthday weekend!! It’s not done yet!! 😀

Much Love,
Your Mama




First time at the Beach


First time to feel the breeze and air from the ocean
Luca: 8 months and 1 week

Solid food: spinach, green peas, green beans, carrots + apple, potatoes, oat meals, rice, butternut squash, pumpkin, turkey (dislike), fish (hate! ), tomatoes, red peppers. You can eat a lot of food now!

Yesterday was your papa’s birthday. I wanted to treat him in many ways so I took you guys to Amandine Cafe for breakfast, the Side Car for yummy donuts (and just ok coffee), and Sonoritas Prime Taco for lunch. Your papa wanted to go out for dinner also but we just couldn’t find a place where we wanted to eat so we stayed home. We reached to the age that we don’t want any materials because we have enough. We only care for experiences, new experiences so then we keep expanding our world (most likely it’s me though. Lol). Small or big, it doesn’t matter. Experience is experience. 😊

Papa and I are trying to expand your world too. We took you to another swing at the another park close by the Side Car, AND took you to the Santa Monica Beach! I know it was cold but it was such a fine weather. Your papa said “let’s go to the beach!”spontaneously. I was super excited and surprised because he doesn’t say “let’s do this”, “let’s do that” much. So I had to take this opportunity! 

The air was crisp and fresh, and the sun light was warm. The smell of the ocean brings me back to the memory of my childhood. The city I grew up is called Kamakura aka Little Kyoto and it is a big beach town as well as historical. I love the sound of wave, love the smell of salty ocean, love to feel the fresh air. 

Anyway, your Papa wanted you to touch and feel the water for the first time. As a result… Too cold and you cried. Of course. Next time when we come back to the beach, we will make sure it will be a warmer weather. 😄