Happy Birthday Mama! 2016

Your dad took me to a nice restaurant in Beverly Hills for my birthday. It was soo good!

Luca: 18 months old

I finally was able to celebrate my birthday this year. Last year was a little chaos and we couldn’t celebrate so I was super happy to do this with my beloved family. Your papa took me a date at the nice French restaurant in Beverly Hills on the Saturday night, and you guys took me to the restaurant in Venice where I wanted to go for a long time on my actual birthday. Their food was super awesome and that made me so happy. I don’t need to receive any gift. Just taking me to a yummy place, that’s all I need. Haha

And after the lunch, we stopped by a park in Santa Monica and it was such a perfect day to get wet (even though it was in November!). When I see your excited smile, that makes me happy so I was happy that we were able to do that with your papa. 

Thank you you two to make me feel so special and made my day. ❤️

At Gjusta in Venice. This cafe was so good. Bread, carvery, cake anything is so good!! This is Bahn-me btw.

After the lunch we stopped bt a park in Santa Monica. There was nobody there and we monopolized the park!! It was awesome!

You were soaking wet!

My birthday


Watching the new Star Wars movie trailer with his papa
Luca: 6 months old

Today was my birthday. Your papa was planning to celebrate for me but unfortunately he got sick, a stomach pain. He was having a fever and chills so we had to stay home. We were planning to take you to your God mother’s house and ask her to watch you for a few hours but since your papa didn’t feel so good, you ended up spending a time with me more. 😄 

At the beginning, I thought I was unfortunate not to be able to celebrate on my birthday however when I turn my mind around, I got to spend more time with you on my birthday so I should feel lucky. 

Instead of going a restaurant or shopping, I just took myself out to a nail salon and did my pedicure. That was my day. 

Btw, your papa gave me a diamond ring candle as a birthday gift. The candle is supposed to contain a ring with a special code. When you enter the code, you find out if you might won a $100, $1000, or $5000 ring. I thought this was like a lottery ticket. Your papa bought me a dream. And the result was… I didn’t win anything. Whaa whaaa. Lol My dream just popped… 😕

[Update] 11/15/15

Seems like he is still sick. I don’t think we are going out after all. I’ve never had one birthday not celebrating. I feel really sad. Can I turn my mind around and think positive? Probably. I hope he will get better and he can eat what he wants. 

Much Love, your mama