Bye Bye and Thank you Ba-Ba!


Luca: 26 months old

From Day 1 at his birth, a pacifier or pacifiers were his best friend. The hospital where we had Luca gave us a lot of pacifiers.  He used to suck it all the time and eventually, we made him use it only for his bed time or nap time. But for a long time until now, he couldn’t leave his pacifier alone. If he cries, or hurt himself, he always relied on it. He loved to suck on it so then he felt secure, comfortable, and relax. When he had it in his mouth, he could fall to sleep right away.

I think not only Luca, his papa also relied on it as well because he didn’t want to deal with a cry baby. Once Luca has the pacifier in his mouth, he immediately stops crying.
At one point, we had 8 pacifiers so than anywhere you go, you have one pacifier for sure. When he cried, we could always give it to him “right away”. It was very convenient for us, and for him too. He loved it so much that he started to call it “Baba”. That was one of his first words.

But I started to notice like a month ago, when he smiles, I couldn’t see his front teeth at all. Comparing to other kids around his age, I thought it’s weird not to see his teeth because those front teeth are there but short. When I opened his upper lips, I could see where he sucks the pacifier at because those 2-3 teeth are the only ones shorter than the other ones. So I realized we need to stop using it.

In last mid-July, we planned to go up to Central California, Monterey, and Pacific Grove.
A few days before we left for the trip, I cut the tip of the pacifier by thinking he needs to know it is about to say bye-bye to the pacifier. Luca started to cry and kept saying “Baba broke!, baba broke!”. I still remember how painful it was to hear for me. I felt really bad for him. Maybe I did something wrong. His papa also told me I shouldn’t have done that. However, I told myself to hold it strong just for a few days then he will stop asking me about Baba.

In the Monterey trip, I hide one pacifier in my bag for just in case but I pretended I forgot to bring one. Luca kept asking me about Baba but I told him “Baba said bye bye because you are a big boy now. Baba had another baby to take care of now. His job with you are done and he is very happy with you that you are grown up.” I am not sure he understood that but he eventually stopped asking me or his papa for a baba. While we stayed in Monterey, he did ask us for it for a few times but when we say “remember, you don’t need one anymore” then he stopped asking without crying. I was very proud of him for not crying.

Now it’s been almost 2 months since we stopped using the baba. He does ask for it time to time but he is ok without Baba now.

I’m so glad I cut the tip of the pacifier now. 😀

Much Love,


Brush Your Teeth song

When I take his pacifier, he demands and cries more and more these days... Sigh...
When I take his pacifier, he demands and cries more and more these days… Sigh…

Luca: 15 months old

As you can see, Luca is having more teeth. 4 teeth on the bottom and 4 teeth on the top.
I am trying to brush his teeth every night but as he gets older, he hates me brushing teeth. He just refuses it. I know forcing is not a good idea but I get frustrated more and more each day and started to research if there is any trick out there to help me or him to brush his teeth. There were several but this song I found seems to work.

Brush Your Teeth Song by Tokyo Heidi

This song is so catchy and easy to remember the lyrics. I am a big fan of mid-tones in a song. I just love how they sound and this song has it as well. I have such a bad memory but this song is really easy to remember. I sing this song even though I am alone in an elevator or a shower room. haha

So I started to show this Youtube to him after I hand the tooth brush (I know he won’t brush his teeth correctly but I’m telling myself “no forcing, no forcing”… I just want him to like brushing his teeth and I’m hoping eventually he will learn how important that is). From the first night, he was so interested to the song although I am not sure if he understands the lyrics yet but I think the illustration itself maybe catchy to him too. So he did started to brush his teeth. No more fighting, no more crying, no more punching my face. He was actually smiling and watching the video and brushing his teeth! Success!

Now, after a few nights, everything was going well but another question was raised… Should I let him watch a video before he goes to bed…? Urgh.. obvious question, obvious answer… Nope!.. lol So… I started to sing for him with this tone-deaf voice without the video. Tonight was the first night to try and sing it for him. The effect wasn’t same, of course. He again fought against me. 😦 I usually don’t put the yummy tooth paste but tonight I had to. So after I put some on the brush, it started working again. I think I need to get some Toms’ tooth paste or something which should be much safer to his body.

Anyway, I don’t know how long my tone-deaf singing with a tooth paste will last and be effective but hopefully he will start liking it…

Aw, I found an English version of this song.

Luca, I hope you won’t get cavities much! If you struggle with cavities later on your future, I have to show this blog to you and show how difficult it is to make you brush your teeth!! lol

Much Love,
Your Mama


Sleeping Habit #4

Luca: 23 weeks old

Today was Happy’s birthday (14 yrs old) and I stopped by Petco to get his birthday gift. 

I came back home around 620pm (I should’ve gone there from work not going back home first) and finally fed Luca solid food around 7pm. I didn’t get to play with him long enough after the meal and his bed time already came along. 

He was still full energy by the time I finished the ritual. He was wide awake after the breastfeeding and wanted to talk more, play with gargling sound and touching my face. 

I even sang “Kira Kira Boshi (twinkle twinkle little star)” a few times. He listened and gave me a smile. I was expecting he would fall in sleep with this song but too bad it didn’t work out. Maybe I’m such a tone deaf that he can’t sleep… Lol (but he smiled at me when I sang. That made me so happy💕❤️💕)

Frankie suggested me to put him on the floor and let him play a little. He even crawled in full speed for a few times! I thought that would tire him out but it didn’t. 

After all that our effort, of course he had to cry loud in his crib. Cry > picking him out + sooth him > crib > cry > pick + sooth > crib > and it goes on for about 15 min. Finally he fell in sleep not in his crib but on my bed. Frankie moved him in his crib after that. 

Now it has been 30 min (almost 10pm). Probably he will wake up in 30 min or so and the another battle will start again as usual. Not fun at all but it doesn’t last longer than 1130pm so let’s hope and pray same thing will happen tonight as well. 

Should I go to sleep now or wait till the battle is over…? 

Good night. 

[Update] Luca made a sound for a few seconds later he fell back in sleep again. That was 1030pm. And woke up around 2am. I fed him and put him back to his crib. That was it. He had a good night sleep until 630am. Yay!

Much love, your mama

Sleep Training Day 2

Luca got a great smile as always!
Dressed up for nothing. It was so big that I thought it would be too big to wear but apparently it is not anymore! Frankie said “let’s put this on!”. He looks soooo adorable in this onesie. ❤

Luca: 4 months and 2 week old

Sleep Training Day 2. Well, let’s talk about last night: Day 1 first. How did it go? Very good!! 😄 Our plan was this: 8pm put him in his crib > if he cries before 12, just sooth him and put him back to his crib > at midnight or around midnight if he cries, feed him and put him back to his crib > after midnight, don’t feed him. If he cries, sooth him and put him back again. Repeat… So I completely stuck to this plan and I did it! Not so much fussiness and he knows how to put himself back to sleep. Well, between 8 to 10pm, he woke up every 30 min and cried. So I waited for 3 min, let him cry and picked him up and sooth him. I repeated that steps over and over. Now finally he is getting used to it.

So tonight is Day 2. It’s 8pm. I fed him about 5 min. He already fell in sleep before he moved on to the another side of my boob (I have to pump again…). I didn’t mean to wait but I was texting and when I was done, he was in completely deep sleep. Good.

I put him in the crib. No crying. No fussing. Excellent! Let’s see how long it’s going to last!!

Sleep training


My baby kisses his mama's face
Play Time after my work! So happy to see this little chubby face!
I love your smile, Luca!!
Luca: 4 months and 11 days

Since I have been nursing, I started to co-sleep with you. There are pros and cons about co-sleeping. Some people say it’s nothing wrong to sleep with your child. You can sooth your baby and you can nurse him at the same time. Mother has to sleep too. So that is why I chose to co-sleep. I just couldn’t get up and nurse and put you back to crib. I don’t think it’s my laziness. I have tried many days without co-sleeping but I was super exhausted. The bad side of co-sleeping is you might have to sleep with your child until 5 yrs old or longer. And a baby is not supposed to sleep on an adult’s bed anyway because of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Now you are 4 months old (and 11 days!), you are fed less frequently and know how to sooth yourself at some point (you know how to take a nap by yourself!). So your Papa and I thought this is the perfect opportunity to sleep train you (with CIO method – Cry-It-Out method). 

I tried last night but I couldn’t really pursue it because you had a vaccination and I thought you were uncomfortable. So tonight, we are really training you. So far, you woke up 3 times (almost every 30 min!) and I feel like it will be a long night ahead of us but I would really like you to get used to be in your crib. It’s time. If both of us straggle until middle of the night then, I will try again tomorrow. So let’s see how you handle this in your crib tonight! 😄  Good night, my love. 

Always with Love, your mama