Such a cute thought ❤️

Luca: 28 months old

Today, after I came back from my work, Luca and I saw 3 helicopters in row which flies to the same direction. 

I said “I wonder where they are going..?” Luca answered “Fruits!” 

Hahahaha I knew what he meant. He just loves fruits and he thought that’s where they were going for. Such a cute thought!!

I love you as always!

Much Love, Mama

Happy New Year 2017!!

Luca: 19 months old

A Happy New Year!!

2016 was a tough year for your Papa and me especially his health and his beloved dog, Happy. And you got sick at the end of year and the cold goes on till now. Cough, sneeze, fever, runny nose… It has been 4 days so far but the symptoms still doesn’t get better. This is our first time and your first time to deal with your sickness so we are trying to figure out what is the best for you. Antibiotics or no antibiotics for a toddler? Tylenol or no Tylenol for fever that is for 101 degree? Is saline spray working or giving him a sinus infection? Every friends who are parents tell us same thing: steam in the shower room, mist humidifier, saline spray with a snot sucker, elevating his head while he sleeps etc… we do everything what they tell us to do but we are not sure if it’s working… We are just hoping you will be better soon, very soon. 

Please keep your germs to yourself… lol
This was when you didn’t geel well with fever. Poor you…

Much Love,

Your Mama

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Luca: 19months old

Happy Thanksgiving! One of Papa’s friends invited us over to their dinner so we took an hour drive to get there and joined their dinner party. 🙂 His friend’s wife, Rachel cooks such great food so I was very looking forward to it.

Too bad I didn’t take enough photos of food (and Rachel) but they were super yummy.
I wanted to steal learn her recipe and cook them at home! Especially, her sweet potato ball!! I just can’t forget the flavor. It was soooo good.

I was also thankful that she cooked such huge meal. I have tried to cook a turkey before but oh boy, first of all, I didn’t know how to cook Turkey. Second of all, it took forever (4-5 hours) to cook. I love to cook and all but it was tiresome.

But I am glad you got to taste delicious food for the first time! 🙂

Much Love,
Your mama

Happy Birthday Mama! 2016

Your dad took me to a nice restaurant in Beverly Hills for my birthday. It was soo good!

Luca: 18 months old

I finally was able to celebrate my birthday this year. Last year was a little chaos and we couldn’t celebrate so I was super happy to do this with my beloved family. Your papa took me a date at the nice French restaurant in Beverly Hills on the Saturday night, and you guys took me to the restaurant in Venice where I wanted to go for a long time on my actual birthday. Their food was super awesome and that made me so happy. I don’t need to receive any gift. Just taking me to a yummy place, that’s all I need. Haha

And after the lunch, we stopped by a park in Santa Monica and it was such a perfect day to get wet (even though it was in November!). When I see your excited smile, that makes me happy so I was happy that we were able to do that with your papa. 

Thank you you two to make me feel so special and made my day. ❤️

At Gjusta in Venice. This cafe was so good. Bread, carvery, cake anything is so good!! This is Bahn-me btw.

After the lunch we stopped bt a park in Santa Monica. There was nobody there and we monopolized the park!! It was awesome!

You were soaking wet!

Happy Halloween! 2016

Luca: 17 months old

We finally went to “Pumpkin Patch” for the first time! I’ve never been there before and it was exciting to be there for me too! 

First time to feed a goat!

Your dad tried to show you where your grandpa sleeps.

You didn’t like the costume at all…

We just came across your dad’s picture when he was about 5 years old. You just like your dad.

Labor Day weekend

Luca: 15 months old

Last weekend, Labor Day weekend was pretty much fun for Luca. I tried to take him out to different park 3 days in a row. Douglas Park, Colorado Park and Will Rogers Historical Park. It was his first time to visit Will Rogers and he had different experience compared to the other park. It had some horses and big polo field where he could run as much as he wanted to. They didn’t have any recreation part like swings or slides so that was bummer but they had sand field where he can play with his shovel. 

I like to take him out to any park because I can get to participate to discover new things with him or try new things. He tried a slide few times per visit and he wasn’t able to sit down and slide at the beginning but now he knows how to sit and slides (he still needs to hold my heads though). I am so happy to witness his growth like this. ❤️😘😍

By the way, I used to not like Douglas Park because there are too many adults and kids everyday in the weekend. But I see why it’s so popular now. It’s gated, they got a lot of sand fields and also have various slides. For toddlers who barely start walking to big kids. I like it a lot now that I take Luca there almost every weekend. 

It was nice and relaxing weekend for Papa and it was busy for mama but it was fun weekend. 😄

Such a cute mature look smile you got here!
After a lot of exploring, snack tastes good! Especially being outside makes you feel so good!
Looks! Horses!! Lets get closer next time!
He loves his red shovel and dig sands!
Hey, where are you going??

May and June Baby Birthday part

Where are you going? It ‘s time to take a picture!
Every parents try to put their babies in the area so then we can take a picture or two… but you just don’t care and just smiling at some adults…
Ellis and Luca. Ellis was one of the few babies who already knows how to walk.

Luca: 12 months old and 1 week

Parents I know from mommy and me class at Pump Station Santa Monica invited us for May and June Baby Birthday party at Douglas Park on Memorial Day. I was looking forward to seeing every moms and their babies how they are now. I expected to see those babies are already walking but they were still at crawling stage although every babies are different. I still thought if Luca meets other babies, he would get excited and play with them. 

When I put Luca in the babies’ circle, it was completely different from my expectations. Luca took a glance at babies and just walked away. 1 year old babies don’t really play each other? Or it’s just Luca that he thought it wasn’t his crowd? I am not sure but he didn’t seem to be interested. As you can see at the 1st pic, he didn’t want to be in a circle. Lol Oh well, he got some free spirits, I guess. That’s ok too. 

I was just happy that I got to see other moms and catch up a little. Some of the moms who has a boy goes through same thing as I do: boy throwing a tantrum, being aggressive when he is upset… When I see his anger, I tend to think, is it my fault? Did I or Papa show our anger at some point and he learned from us? The moms think same way as I do and I was glad to share that thought. I wasn’t alone I thought. 

I hope Luca and I can see them more often… 

Japan Trip Day 8-9 and the End

At Negishi Shinrin Park in Yokohama. There are a lot of foreigners live in this neighborhood and it is influenced by their culture that the houses’ style is very westernized. Fancy area. This park is also influenced by the western culture. It is very wide open and you can enjoy with a lot of activities.
After the visit at the park, we stopped by a supermarket. Luca enjoys the escalotor ride!
My friend’s sons took care of Luca so well and they all enjoyed their companies!
Aww Luca! What are you doing in my suitcase?? lol

My friend took us to Shichirigahama Beach. It was warm and humid. We had some pancakes that are supposed to be popular. Mmm.. the taste was so-so. Maybe I am used to the american pancake??
I think my son is in love with my friend. lol Luca cries everytime when someone wants to hold him but he didn’t when she held him.
Well, I guess not this time. He felt the sand on his feet for the first time. I can tell he felt something he was not used to. And he didn’t like it. Come on Luca, you are growing up in beach town, Santa Monica! You should love the beach!

At Shichrigahama Beach, Kamakura
One of the sons loves this comic book ” Yokai Myanko (Monster Kitty Cat)”. He told me he is collecting its medals. I think he got more than hundred medals and he said he lost truck counting… Why do boys love collecting stuffs…
Luca loves any style of “pica boo” game!


Time to go home… It was 11 at night. Luca looks so tired in this pic… Thank you everyone for taking care of us!! We will miss you and we will be back!!
Luca enjoys Thomas and Friends after his 6 hours of sleep.

After 10 hours of flight, we are finally home! Where is Papa??
Phew… still long way to go to get out from this airport!
He loves to be in a suitcase and play around but he doesn’t like to be taken picture of it by ME… I don’t know why. He allowed my friend to take one before!!

We stayed at my best friend from high school’s house until the end of our trip: 2 nights and 3 days. She has two sons: 13 and 7 years old. They both were such nice boys and enjoyed Luca’s company. 
While I stayed there, I learned a lot how to build a good parent-child relationship through my friend. She is a Montessori based pre-school/kindergarten teacher as well as a mother. I know her since our high school and she has never changed how she is: kind, warm hearted, thoughtful, soft spoken person AND she is funny. I always enjoy her company and she is my must person to hang out when I go back to Japan. So this is a great learning opportunity for me to absorb how she deals with her sons especially when the children are cranky, or being forgetful about their homework and working on it a night before the due date when they had 2 weeks to work on. She always tries to understand their mind what they go through in their head even though she has her side to get mad or frustrated. I think it is tough to be like that when the things don’t go the way you were expecting to with your child. But I would like to keep reminding myself to listen my child what he has to say and I want him to know that I am always on his side. 

Anyway, this 10 days trip was really really good trip for me and Luca. All of my family and friends were so happy to meet Luca and he gave a lot of happiness with his smile. 

It didn’t hit me when we left Japan but it hit me hard when I was about to reach to the exit at LAX after the passport control and was about to see Luca’s papa. This great trip with Luca is about to be over! Actually it IS over! 😢😭😢

Well, we always have the next time. Hopefully next year? Hopefully with his Papa? 

I will be always hopeful for Luca. 😄

Great trip, Luca. I don’t expect you to remember all of this trip. This blog has the purpose! You did fantastic and you were a great partner and you always will be! Till next time!! 

Love you very much,
Your mama

Addition: some people in Japan are so thoughtful to a mother and her child. Most of the times, I carried Luca in my carrier in trains or buses. They always offered me a seat. Even though I was tired and really wanted to take the opportunity and sit down, I got so much stuffs with me that I had to reject the offer. I wouldn’t know where to put those stuffs if I sit down!  I felt bad to reject it though. Because I’m pretty sure they needed some guts to ask me. 

Also, I read this somewhere that Japanese culture over all isn’t so friendly to mother and her child. There is no elevator to go upstairs or there is no lamp when you have a stroller. But actually that wasn’t true. The elevator was everywhere, nursing room and diaper change table were everywhere. I even saw the milk bottle warmer machines when they have a nursing room. I was impressed. 

Waste situation in Kamakura

 Japan generally concerns environment and they put extra effort to protect the nature what we have left. Individually, they bring their own handkerchief when they go to public bathroom, and they bring their own chopsticks. As a country, they invented a hybrid car to reduce exhaust emission. 
As for trash, generally they started to divided recycled items from burnable trash from years ago and it used to be very simple. Like it was required to separate from glasses, and plastics. 

The city I am from, Kamakura is one of the strict cities when you separate trash. And expensive. 

The photo I added above is the schedule when you can throw what items. The schedule is very detail and confusing. For example, Monday and Thursday: burnable trash such as raw trash like veggie skin, fruits, fish, meat, leather, shoes, stationaries, CD etc. Tuesday: something you can not burn such as can, glass, metal, umbrella, dishes, cups. Once a month And burnable trash separately such as paper, newspapers, books, magazines, fabrics. Once a week. Wednesday: plastic bottles, plants.  Once a week. And it goes on and on. 

The rule: There is a booklet to guide you how to separate trash correctly. You have to buy specific bag to throw the trash and it costs 80 yen (75 cents) on each bag. You have to put your name on the bag so then the patrol can check and return your trash to you if you put something wrong item in it. If the weight of trash bag excesses the limit, you have to wait till the following week. 45 litter per bag. 

The goal: I just made a quick research about the reason behind it. Every year, citizens of Kamakura produces 4 tons of trash every year. Their ultimate goal is “zero waste”. To get to close to the goal, they want to reduce it 1 ton less each year. The city wants every single citizen to be smart about waste and save resources if it’s possible. That’s why they are super strict about it. 


This is the booklet about how to separate the wastes. This is “burnable waste” page. And they show you how to tie the bag.
This is “plastic” page. And the items in the orange is NOT considered a plastic.
How to clean soiled items.
This is the booklet. It was about 60 pages.

I think the government needs to be THIS serious about wastes nowadays considering global warming. At the individual level, you need “motivation” to separate the trash in this much details. If we have this rule in United States or even starting it small, in Los Angeles, can we do this?  There are a lot of people concern the environment so it is possible. However, we do need some “education” to follow this rule and it is a big commitment.