Baby Sign Language: change

I started to learn and teach Baby Sign Language to Luca for about a month now.
He is a bit over 3 months now that it is too early to see if he understands and practices it but
I know it is not too early to show him.

What I’ve been practicing is just basic stuffs: diaper, change, bath, mama, papa, dog, cat etc…
I’ve read that I  should start 5 signs and keep repeating them over and over. So that is what I
have been doing. But after a month I have been practicing, I should just include other signs while I talk to him in Japanese. I hope I am not confusing to him but I am trying as clear as possible by pointing things out.

So today, I would like to put one sign that I use a lot: change. There is a sign for diaper but it is difficult to show him what it is since I want to use it when he is on the changing table and I am short (5 feet…).

Change: Baby Sing Language: change