Japan Trip Day 8-9 and the End

At Negishi Shinrin Park in Yokohama. There are a lot of foreigners live in this neighborhood and it is influenced by their culture that the houses’ style is very westernized. Fancy area. This park is also influenced by the western culture. It is very wide open and you can enjoy with a lot of activities.
After the visit at the park, we stopped by a supermarket. Luca enjoys the escalotor ride!
My friend’s sons took care of Luca so well and they all enjoyed their companies!
Aww Luca! What are you doing in my suitcase?? lol

My friend took us to Shichirigahama Beach. It was warm and humid. We had some pancakes that are supposed to be popular. Mmm.. the taste was so-so. Maybe I am used to the american pancake??
I think my son is in love with my friend. lol Luca cries everytime when someone wants to hold him but he didn’t when she held him.
Well, I guess not this time. He felt the sand on his feet for the first time. I can tell he felt something he was not used to. And he didn’t like it. Come on Luca, you are growing up in beach town, Santa Monica! You should love the beach!

At Shichrigahama Beach, Kamakura
One of the sons loves this comic book ” Yokai Myanko (Monster Kitty Cat)”. He told me he is collecting its medals. I think he got more than hundred medals and he said he lost truck counting… Why do boys love collecting stuffs…
Luca loves any style of “pica boo” game!


Time to go home… It was 11 at night. Luca looks so tired in this pic… Thank you everyone for taking care of us!! We will miss you and we will be back!!
Luca enjoys Thomas and Friends after his 6 hours of sleep.

After 10 hours of flight, we are finally home! Where is Papa??
Phew… still long way to go to get out from this airport!
He loves to be in a suitcase and play around but he doesn’t like to be taken picture of it by ME… I don’t know why. He allowed my friend to take one before!!

We stayed at my best friend from high school’s house until the end of our trip: 2 nights and 3 days. She has two sons: 13 and 7 years old. They both were such nice boys and enjoyed Luca’s company. 
While I stayed there, I learned a lot how to build a good parent-child relationship through my friend. She is a Montessori based pre-school/kindergarten teacher as well as a mother. I know her since our high school and she has never changed how she is: kind, warm hearted, thoughtful, soft spoken person AND she is funny. I always enjoy her company and she is my must person to hang out when I go back to Japan. So this is a great learning opportunity for me to absorb how she deals with her sons especially when the children are cranky, or being forgetful about their homework and working on it a night before the due date when they had 2 weeks to work on. She always tries to understand their mind what they go through in their head even though she has her side to get mad or frustrated. I think it is tough to be like that when the things don’t go the way you were expecting to with your child. But I would like to keep reminding myself to listen my child what he has to say and I want him to know that I am always on his side. 

Anyway, this 10 days trip was really really good trip for me and Luca. All of my family and friends were so happy to meet Luca and he gave a lot of happiness with his smile. 

It didn’t hit me when we left Japan but it hit me hard when I was about to reach to the exit at LAX after the passport control and was about to see Luca’s papa. This great trip with Luca is about to be over! Actually it IS over! 😢😭😢

Well, we always have the next time. Hopefully next year? Hopefully with his Papa? 

I will be always hopeful for Luca. 😄

Great trip, Luca. I don’t expect you to remember all of this trip. This blog has the purpose! You did fantastic and you were a great partner and you always will be! Till next time!! 

Love you very much,
Your mama

Addition: some people in Japan are so thoughtful to a mother and her child. Most of the times, I carried Luca in my carrier in trains or buses. They always offered me a seat. Even though I was tired and really wanted to take the opportunity and sit down, I got so much stuffs with me that I had to reject the offer. I wouldn’t know where to put those stuffs if I sit down!  I felt bad to reject it though. Because I’m pretty sure they needed some guts to ask me. 

Also, I read this somewhere that Japanese culture over all isn’t so friendly to mother and her child. There is no elevator to go upstairs or there is no lamp when you have a stroller. But actually that wasn’t true. The elevator was everywhere, nursing room and diaper change table were everywhere. I even saw the milk bottle warmer machines when they have a nursing room. I was impressed. 

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