Japan Trip Day 7

Luca just woke up. He slep really good last night!

 This is the breakfast I love! Fish, eggs, rice, miso soup… Perfect combo!

  Today was the last day at Atami. After we checked out from the ryokan inn, as we started to drive, Luca fell in sleep right away. I know he is so tired from all the activities from a day before. I hope he is enjoying it. I am not expecting to remember this trip with your memory since you are too young to remember but I hope this journal brings you back to little piece of memories.   
He slept about 1.5 hours while driving. 
  So much green in this area. Looks old town.  After we drove about 2 hours, finally we see Tokyo.     


Hello Tokyo Tower!
Now we are going to see Totem by Cirque de Soleil. Are you going to be a good boy, Luca??
It seems like it is sold out show. I am excited to see this show.
Phew! He WAS a good boy! He didn’t cry at all during the show! I was very impressed and relieved! Good thing they had 30 min intermission too. That was helpful. In the second part, he fell in sleep after he got all excited and expressed himself with “uhhh!”, “ba ba ba!”
Aww wow! I was excited to see this as well, life size Gundam statue. I got yo know about it through a tech website and I thought one day I wanted to see this. There were so many people to see this big man.
Oh Luca… you are missing out…

Gundam Front website
1-1-10 Aomi Koto Tokyo 135-0064

I finally saw some girls who are called “idol”. And one if them is happened to be my niece’s friend. I got excited and took this pic but I was told not to do that by a security. Oops!
Again, I was not supposed to take this pic but had to! I didn’t mean to take the woman in the center in my pic. I just wanted to capture those fans behind the gate how much fun they are having with the girls in yellow. They even memorized the choreograph!
After we watched the event, we wanted to have some lunch. Mmm, look how big the options are here compared to Los Angeles!! Urgh, I want to take this food court with me back to LA!!

Time is really moving forward fast! My family road trip is over. Now my family dropped me and Luca off at my best friend’s house. I am friend with her since high school. She has two kids, 13 and 10 years old boys. Luca can have two big brothers for 3 days. Yay!

This will be last segment of Japan trip. In two days, we are going back home to Los Angeles. How sad is this!  However, Luca seems to be sad when I mentioned his papa. We do FaceTime everyday to talk to his papa but in this couple days, he isn’t interested to talk to him. His papa was sad too and I feel really bad about it. I’m pretty sure everything will be all right and I guess it is a good thing time flies and this trip will be over soon. I don’t want you to forget about your papa, Luca! You love him so much!

Love you very much,
Your mama

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