Japan Trip Day 6


Japanese, Futon style! It was so comfy that I fell in sleep right away!
You woke up the first at 530 in the morning. I thought you would go back to sleep after the feeding but I guessed wrong! You started talking, walking, playing around ! I was like “shhhh! Everyone else is still sleeping!” So I decided to take you outside for early morning walk.
At the beach. You still look tired.

It rained hard last night but now I see beautiful blue sky.
Oh finally, you started to show your smile when you started walking!
This is the Nagahama Ryokan Inn looks like from outside. Pretty old building.

Since we have a full day to explore city of Atami, we decided to visit the children book museum by an Artist, Koshirou Toda.
I love the bold outline with primary colors. However his style reminds me of Dick Bruna, Dutch illustrator who produced also children books.


This museum has a nice backyard that has a ladybug and a warm statues. Luca loves color of red and immediately he was attracted to the ladybug. ❤️

Koshirou Toda Museum website
Address: 1055-30 Kamitaga Atami-shi Shizuoka Prefecture 413-0101

Google Map: Koshirou Toda Museum

I found such a slow pase of life style here. So relaxing, so green that I won’t find similar style in Santa Monica.
We are heading to Rose Garden now.
Now we are at the Akao Herb & Rose Garden. Apparently, roses aren’t the season. They weren’t bloomed at all unfortunately but we saw a lot of other kinds of flowers. My favorite is Japanese Snowball.
This is Japanese Snowball. It looks like mini version of Hydrangea. It’s so cute!
Japanese garden. The bonsai in the center is supposed to be the biggest bonsai in the world.
The Pacific Ocean
It was colorful and perfect visit for the start of Spring.


More flowers…
We stayed till the end at 5pm. It was getting chilly…

Akao Herb & Rose Garden 

1027-8 Kamitaga Atami-Shi Shizuoka Prefecture 413-0101

Akao Herb & Rose Garden website

2 thoughts on “Japan Trip Day 6

  1. Nice post 🙂 the page loads a bit slow. Maybe you can use the ‘Read more tag’ break line to make the home page load faster? Also you can put the photos in gallery format since they seem to load slower like this.

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    • Thank you for your suggestion. I always post my blog through the mobile app and I don’t have the option. Let me take a look more though. I might have to edit it later on after I posted one through the app.


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