Japan Trip Day 5


Since I cook all the time for you and try not to give you any commercial food because of the ingredients, I wanted to cook even though this is my vacation time. At least, at breakfast, I wsmted to feed you with my cooked meal. So I made veggie soup. No salt, no other seasoning but a little bit of basil and garlic. I added some shiitake mushroom that gave so much flavor and it came out pretty good. And “of course” you loved it! 😄
I always make oatmeal with banana in the morning. The only difference is adding fresh strawberry and fresh cow milk instead of almond milk. Whole cow milk tastes soooooo much better than almond milk that made me think I should switch to it from now on.
You love animals and today you learned how rabbit really looks like in reality. I always read the book that has a rabbit in the story but never seen one before. Now you were stuck to the tv and just stared at it. Too close to the tv Luca!
This is my niece, your cousin who doesn’t talk much (it’s teenager thing, I know that). But somehow you felt so comfy and fell in sleep in her lap.
Now we are going to take a road trip to Hot Spring town, Atami!
We stopped by 7-11 before we get on the highway. I get so excited to see all the Japanese snacks, lunch and drinks in a convinience store! This is Ritz with Cod Row + Cheese flavor! And the green one is wasabi flavor.

Look at this! All the snacks!! Most if them are dried seafood like squid and stuff. But they are so good with beer! Too bad I can’t drink alcohol yet because I am still breastfeeding you. One day soon, I will celebrate with one if them! haha
I love this custard pudding “Pucchin Purin” since I was a child. A lot of vanilla aroma, soft eggy texture and the sweet caramel sauce…. mmm I just love this. Too bad they don’t sell it in US.


In front of our ryokan, they had a festival and flea market. We had lunch there and you explored the parking lot.
The ryokan provided us dinner with a lot of seafood, wagyu (Japanese beef), and local veggies. It was so good!
This pot had avalone, lobster, squid, meckeral and tarban shell.
This ryokan inn has multiple hot springs bath rooms. You were so tired and took an hour nap. When you woke up, I took you to the bath with my mom but it was outdoor so it was super cold if you weren’t in the tub. You didn’t feel comfotable and cried a lot so I had to take you back to our room. I wanted to relax a bit but oh well. I hope we can enjoy tomorrow night.


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