Japan Trip Day 4

You always love to eat and love oatmeal with banana!


I wanted to introduce you to all of my relatives and your grandpa’s best friends from his high school. They all loved to see you and enjoyed how happy baby you were. They all loved your smile. There were some girls outside and they talked with little trashy words equivalent to f word and s word in English. But they saw you were smiling at them and they all said “omg, he just made my day!” haha I was so happy and was so proud to be your mama!

At Kamakura Reien. This is one of the biggest cemetery in the city. It was windy, and raining yesterday. It was cold and I was worried about you!

After the party, my mom, aunt, uncle and us stopped by at my dad’s graveyard. He passed away 3.5 years ago because of stomach and liver cancer. His best friends and brother said your grandpa passed away too soon and too young. He missed meeting you, Luca. He was a great father for me and funny and dependable man that everyone loved for his friends. He was a funny guy but yet very hard worker. He knows how to enjoy his life as well. He got a lot of hobbies such as golfing, fishing, playing soccer, playing guitar, singing etc…. He even belonged to a country western band: Drifting Daddies. He was also very motivated to learn English till his end. He didn’t want to give up. He always wanted to learn something to activate his brain. His life and his passion inspire me so much and I used to ask his advice all the time. I wish you guys could hang out because I bet he could teach you a lot of stuffs!! I miss my dad very much. 😊
While we were visting my dad’s graveyard, you slept through the entire visit. But I am happy that my dad finally got to see you… from heaven. 😊

 This is called Koemane Miichan (Voice copy cat, Mii Chan). It copies you when you say something to it. It doesn’t matter English or Japanese or any launguage! He imitates your laugh too that made me laugh even more!! And I can’t stop laughing again! It’s a cycle good or bad!

Love you very much,
Your mama

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