Your first visit to Japan

Luca: 11 months old

On April 24th in early in the morning, we took a flight for about 12 hours to visit my family in Japan. Just you and me. I was nervous to make a trip for this long without your Papa but we made it. 9 hours of sleep, 3 hours of crying, and restlessness but we survived with a lot of help from flight attendants and some little friends that you met in the airplane. 


You always look up to see the airplane sound where is coming from. Now you can get to see it so close!
I hope you will like those organic baby food. I always cook for you and never feed you with commercial food so let’s see how it goes.
You have never seen an escalotor before!
This is our flight, son! Here we come, Japan!!


5am in Japan. Even you cried so much and tired, you still smile at the camera. You are so my son! haha
As long as we passed this long flight, I knew my mom was going to be with us for whole time so I wasn’t worried about it. 

Day 1: we shopped for your shoes, clothing and books at a department store in Oofuma. One of my “must-stop-by” department stores, Lumine. When we came back to our place, you received a lot of early birthday gifts from your grandma. 


You just made a new friend!

We are staying in Nikaido, Kamakura. It has a lot of green here. It is so peaceful and I can hear birds’ talking!


From Day 1, we were away from the place where we stay almost all day. You are supposed to take a nap twice a day. If it’s on a bed in quiet place, that would be an ideal place to sleep. But since we are out all day, you just sleep in my carrier when you need to. I feel so bad that I can’t go home just to let you take a nap. In the photos, you look exhausted…

I hope in a couple of days, you can adjust the time here. Including me. 

Love you very much,
Your mama

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