Your mama went to two amusement parks in the raw!


I love Harry Potter and always wonder how the Butter Beer tastes like! It was like root beer float with butterscotch foam. it was yummy but definitely I recommend you to get frosted one.
At Universal Studio. We went there on Monday thinking probably it wouldn’t be crowded but it was a lot of people!!
It was such a hot weather. Like 85 degree.
This is at Magic Mountain. I can not take this free fall ride so I skipped this Super Man.
This is the latest ride, Twisted Colossus. I rode a few roller coaster rides before this so I got used to the speed. This was a fun ride.
This is Mobile Team that I worked with for 3 years. The most of the original members aren’t working with us anymore but the current members are also fun to work with.

By the age when you are tall enough to get on a roller coaster, I don’t know if I can ride with you because I can’t be persistent with the speed and the pressure anymore! Haha But if you have friends to go with, I will go along with you all and wait for you at the bottom of the ride. Hehe 😁

Love you very much,

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