Great weather, great walk!

Luca: 11 months old

It has been a couple of weeks since you started to walk. Papa told me we need to get a pair of shoes because you walk around in our house so much now. So we did! We went to Gap and get a pair of shoes!

I’ve been thinking about taking you to a park for whole week and the weather is so gorgeous that I thought it’s a perfect day on last Saturday.  And you need more exercise because you wake up at least a couple times at night every single night. You need to learn how to sleep throughout a night. Seriously. 😒

So I found a nice big field/park right next to a place I’ve had a lunch with my colleagues which is called Stewart Park. The parking isn’t free but I thought it is a perfect place to let you walk anywhere you want to walk. There is not that many people use this place either. 

At first, when I put you on the ground, you hesitated to touch the grass and walk. You didn’t know what to do but after I guided you to walk, you were non-stop!!! You didn’t want to stop walking! It was pretty hot yesterday and wanted you to take a break under the shade but you refused! Lol Your face turned red, and sweaty. I gave you a sip of water and I was little worried that you would get sun burnt (I put tons of sun screen!). But you just kept going that it was difficult for me to make you rest. After 45 min we spent our time there, finally you wanted to sit and play with grass and leaf on the ground. I thought that’s it, you are done. But… After 5 min of rest, you started to walk again! I bet you are having so much fun to discover how to walk, the view that it’s higher than before and the nature other than being in the house. I’m so glad that I am helping you to discover a lot of things! And many many more to come!


I hope you like being on the swing! I think it’s a lot of fun!

Finally, you started to get used to be on grass! Now you walk non-stop!!
This park has one basket ball court. And behind it, they have slides.
It is such a BIG field. I saw people were playing volleyball and also you can play sofball here.
Two big kids swings and two little baby swings.

Stewart Street Park
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Love you very much,
Your mama

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