A song for You

Luca: 11 months old

It has been already 11 months since you are born! And I am still breastfeeding you!! I’m so happy that I reached this far and I am still producing enough milk to make you happy! 

But… The level of focus on being fed is decreasing. You keep looking around if you hear something around you. It’s normal and you should be curious what’s going on around you. But sometimes you are on and off on me for so many times that I have to keep asking you “oshimai (‘Are you done’ in Japanese )?” And when you are not focusing, I keep telling you “Shuchuu (‘Focus’)!” Lol

I even made a song for you so then you can focus on me at least you look at me while I sing. The song is just about “you can do it”.

Ganbare Ganbare

Ganbare Ganbare

Luca chan dekiru, zettai dekiru

Ashita ni mukatte ganbaraooo

It means
“You can do it, you can do it
You can do it, you can do it
I believe in you, Luca. Absolutely you can 
Do your best for tomorrow!”

Haha I don’t know if you are going to remember this song when you grow up but so far it’s working when I sing this song for you. You smile and you focus on me while I sing! Yay! (I don’t know if the last sentence even makes sense but it sounded good when I came up with it so I just kept it. Haha 😝)

Papa and I make a random song here and there. We make pretty good songs sometimes but we can forget we made them after a month or so.  Too bad we don’t know how to write music notes. 

Whatever works for you, Luca. We will do it for you! 

I love you very much.

Much Love,
Your mama

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