Luca: 10 months old

You and I are going to Japan next month! 😄 I’m very excited to see and introduce you to my family, relatives and friends but at the same time, I’m very nervous to think about what I’ll be going through without your Papa. But as always when it gets overwhelmed, I tell myself “one by one”. 

So one of the big steps was applying a passport for you. It was sort of close to the flight date that I couldn’t find any post office to make an appointment early enough. Therefore I “thought” I had to go to this one passport agency near by our house. They charged me a lot but I thought there was no choice. Until… We got to this post office in Pacific Palisades (we had to come here anyway to get an authorization on our documents). I found out that they didn’t need an appointment to apply a passport. 😕 Now I know where to go and save some money. I’m writing this now so then I can always come back here and remember where to go (today’s journal is more for me). 

Pacific Palisades Post Office
15243 La Cruz Dr. Pacific Palisades CA 90272

Open: Mon-Fri 830-5pm Sat 9-3pm
Open for Passport: 10am everyday (get there a bit early otherwise you’ll be waiting for a LONG time)
Fee: $25 for Application $140 for expedited 
Usually it should be $80 total or something. 
Luca, you remember that. Before you spend money, you do a research. Your Papa is very good at that. Don’t be impulsive or be lazy. 😊

Much love,
Your mama

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