First stairs to climb!!

Luca: 10 months old

You and I visited at one of good friends of mine yesterday. She has two daughters, 4 yrs old and 2.5 yrs old. (Emma AND Hanna)  They had a lot of toys and big living room that you could crawl cruise around. You guys chased each other, you are together AND they showed you how to climb on stairs! I think you had a lot of fun that you took a nap right away when you got in my car and had a good night sleep last night! It is a great thing to be around kids for you. I know you are stimulated by them and you learn a lot from them. 

I hope you will see them again soon! I’m pretty sure they will show you more new things again! ❤️😄


My friend, Maki’s hubby, Take was happy to meet you! And it was our first time to meet Kou chan (Mayumi’s son)
You were so excited to be on stairs!

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