Luca: 10 months old

You and I are going to Japan next month! 😄 I’m very excited to see and introduce you to my family, relatives and friends but at the same time, I’m very nervous to think about what I’ll be going through without your Papa. But as always when it gets overwhelmed, I tell myself “one by one”. 

So one of the big steps was applying a passport for you. It was sort of close to the flight date that I couldn’t find any post office to make an appointment early enough. Therefore I “thought” I had to go to this one passport agency near by our house. They charged me a lot but I thought there was no choice. Until… We got to this post office in Pacific Palisades (we had to come here anyway to get an authorization on our documents). I found out that they didn’t need an appointment to apply a passport. 😕 Now I know where to go and save some money. I’m writing this now so then I can always come back here and remember where to go (today’s journal is more for me). 

Pacific Palisades Post Office
15243 La Cruz Dr. Pacific Palisades CA 90272

Open: Mon-Fri 830-5pm Sat 9-3pm
Open for Passport: 10am everyday (get there a bit early otherwise you’ll be waiting for a LONG time)
Fee: $25 for Application $140 for expedited 
Usually it should be $80 total or something. 
Luca, you remember that. Before you spend money, you do a research. Your Papa is very good at that. Don’t be impulsive or be lazy. 😊

Much love,
Your mama

First time to dine out on a high chair! 

Since it was his first time sitting on the high chair, he was looking around everehere to see whats going on. He even made a friend! 😊

Luca: 10 months old

Luca just had the first dine out at the Souplantation!! This place is great that we don’t have to worry about him crying or making a mess! If he wants more, we can get some more!! Thanks to the coupons too!! 😁👍🏻😄


Let’s come here again!

Much Love,
Your mama

First stairs to climb!!

Luca: 10 months old

You and I visited at one of good friends of mine yesterday. She has two daughters, 4 yrs old and 2.5 yrs old. (Emma AND Hanna)  They had a lot of toys and big living room that you could crawl cruise around. You guys chased each other, you are together AND they showed you how to climb on stairs! I think you had a lot of fun that you took a nap right away when you got in my car and had a good night sleep last night! It is a great thing to be around kids for you. I know you are stimulated by them and you learn a lot from them. 

I hope you will see them again soon! I’m pretty sure they will show you more new things again! ❤️😄


My friend, Maki’s hubby, Take was happy to meet you! And it was our first time to meet Kou chan (Mayumi’s son)
You were so excited to be on stairs!

Copy everything

  Luca: 10 months old

Solid Food: veggie stew, udon, egg

Lately, when I try to change your diaper, you get so restless. You are so curious your surroundings and don’t let me change it peacefully. You let your papa change it fine though. So I want to figure why and how to change it without the fuss. 

First of all, I might not giving you some fun stuff when and while I change it. I take it very seriously and your papa doesn’t. It seems like you laugh more with him than when you are with me. So I’m trying to change that. Making you more laugh and giving you some fun stuffs while you are on the changing table. I even give you multiple pacifiers and make you in “Pacifier Paradise”! Lol and this seems to be working! You were so quiet and let me change it peacefully. 

It has been a couple days since I figured the “Pacifier Patadise” and we were happy together… Until this morning. 

You had a poo in the diaper and you were fine with Paradise but once I tried to pull some wipes out, the Paradise system was broken. You wanted to roll around and grab the wipes box with poo on your behind. I panicked a little bit and tried to wipe your butt as soon as I could but you sat on the table and poo was everywhere. I was frustrated and upset. And I threw a tantrum without thinking. And right after that, you looked scared and copied my tantrum. 

Do you know how I felt so bad right after I saw you copied me? I noticed you have been getting upset when your things didn’t go the way you wanted to. And I realize that you are just copying me (or papa). 

I am sorry, Luca. I will try not to throw a tantrum again. I have to make sure I need to make a calm environment for you. 

Look at your precious face. Discipline is important but not tantrum. Tantrum is not a good way of communication, and I don’t want you to learn that. I reflect on that. 

I love you so much, Luca. 

Much love,
Your mama


Started to walk!

Luca tries to walk but so stiff! 😊

Luca: 9 months

You started to learn how to walk a bit with your Papa’s help since 3 weeks ago. You can’t walk fully by yourself just yet but I thought it’d be fun to get you a walker toy so then you can practice how to walk. 

There it is (watch the video above)! You don’t get quite yet how to turn around and stuff but that’s ok. You will learn sooner or later. It seems like I got you a right toy. You are having fuuun!! 😄 I’m happy when you are happy!! 


You are flying, Luca! Happy in the back looks like “Oh god, somebody stops him…” haha
I love you very much, Luca!

Much love,

Your mama