Color of red


Happy 9th month, Luca! You are becoming more expressive, laugh, cry, and … complain… 😑
Luca: 9 months old

Solid food: potato, turkey, tomato, green peas, green beans, zucchini, yogurt,apple, banana, pear, watermelon, mango

You finally turned to 9 months this week. Happy 9th month! You are getting bigger and bigger in my eyes. We just visited your Pediatrician Dr. Brown and he told us you are a healthy grown man. 😄 Your growth is 5 percentile but that’s ok. You just have my gene… 😊 (Oh btw, you had Hepatitis B shot and Anemia test today. The test came out good)

Lately I started to realize you notice color of red more than any other color. In Japanese, the word “baby” is translated to “aka chan” which means baby but directly translated to “Little Red”. In scientific research, babies tend to pick color of red more than yellow or blue. I forget why but that is why they are called “Little Red”. So it makes sense that you pick toys with red color. Maybe this is your personal preference but it could be natural phase too that other babies would go through. I thought it’s very interesting. Is any baby going through this phase?   

Red, red, red… I love red too. Is it coming from my gene too? lol The red owl is Luca’s favorite! He carries it everywhere!

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