Your mama’s Seishun Part 1


Just last week, my friend at work sent me a Youtube video which was a J-Pop (Japanese Pop) singer that I wasn’t familiar with but her song title was. The title was “Seppun (Kiss)”. As soon as I listened to the song, I immediately recognized which song she covered. The original song was coming from a band is called “Original Love”. This band fills a part of my teenage memory (in my Seishun era -adolescence, puberty-). Even when I listen to it now, it brings back to the memory and makes my heart beat fast! Luca, I’m pretty sure and hopefully when you grow older, you’d explore and listen to many types of music but would not be familiar with any Japanese pop music especially 80s-90s J-Pop. I wasn’t a big of J-Pop listener after all after 6th grade (I moved on to Wham!, Culture Club and the other British bands) but only this band, Original Love caught my attention and made me listen to their albums over and over. I just love this band. Here listen to some of their songs! (when you are old enough and see this blog, I hope Youtube will stay in business! lol)

Original Love “Seppun”

“Asahi no ataru Michi”

“Tsuki no Ura de Aimashou”

I can talk about music on and on. 🙂

Much Love,
Your Mama


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