Recognizing a lot of sounds


Finally, you are taking nap. But this was like 530pm!
Luca: 8 months and 3 weeks

Solid food: apple, apricot, chick beans, butternut squash, spinach, green peas, oat meal

Lately, you started recognizing a lot of sounds and try to copy or try to make a noise along with the sounds. Such as cat (Nash)’s meowing, and pica boo (inai inai bah – Japanese version). This is a lot of fun for me too. When I copied of meowing, you repeated after me. When I said “inai inai”, you said “bah” after me. However, the sound you make is more like moaning than anything else but at least you corresponded. 😄

Btw, the last post I wrote about you slept throughout the night was just the night only. You’ve been through a lot on that day and that was reason why you slept through. I guess the play and exercise your Papa and I think is enough for the day is not enough. You have to play a lot more! Man, what else can we do? I mean I can’t really do much with you during weekdays since I’m at my work. It’s up to your Papa. It’s too bad we are not young enough to keep up with your energy!! Haha

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