First time to sleep throughout the night!!

Luca: 8 months and 1 week

Solid food: chick peas, butternut squash, green peas, spinach, apple, tomatoes

Last night was the first night that you slept throughout the night!! I was super excited but at the same time tried to figure out how that happened. 

Well, you went through a lot yesterday. 2nd Flu shot, a lot of crying because you fell from the carrier (Happy isn’t feeling well and your Papa tried to help him and hold you at the same time but failed… He feels really bad. ). A lot of crying drained you out. As soon as you ate, you were so sleepy. I bathed you and read some books and your Papa put you to sleep and you were out right away. 

I don’t know if you’d sleep throughout a night tonight but hopefully you just reached to the time. Then I will be super doper happy! 😄

Much Love, 
your Mama

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