First milestone of 2016 and new year resolutions 

Taking a bath makes him soooo relaxing ❤️

Luca: 7 months and 3 weeks

It has been already 3 days after the new year came along. 

You got a little cold-ish symptoms so we stayed low-key this year (not like we had a big plan every year though… Lol). Stuffy nose and dry cough occasionally (no fever, no runny nose). Nothing major so we just make sure you are warm, hydrated and rested. Last night, we bathed you with little warmer water and rubbed some Vics on your back. It seemed to help that you slept so well. You didn’t wake up since 1:30am until 6:30am. Wow that’s pretty good for 5 hours. I wish you can sleep this good everyday (you usually wake up 2-3 times per night. 10pm, 1 or 2am and maybe 4 or 5 am 😩). 

But that is not your first milestone of 2016. On New Year’s Day, you learned how to wave at us! Probably coincidence? But definitely you waved at us for a few times by raising your hand and giving us a smile. And you started to crawl with your knees. Not army style that you use your arms. Yay!!

Anyway, the holidays run so fast that today is the last day to enjoy until… Martin Luther King’s day. That’s like in 2 weeks! Lol I mean the major holidays are gone and that makes me sad! But around this time next year, you will be walking around and probably we are doing more stuff hopefully. I can’t wait till then. 

Since this is my first blog to enter of the year, let me make some new year resolutions. I don’t know if I can achieve any of that so why would I make any at all but let’s just make some … for fun!

  1. Put myself in art little more (in any way. Cooking, baking, taking some photographs, going to museum etc. I just miss being creative and be inspired)
  2. Be active – exercise more (since you are born, I thought I was going back to spin class or playing tennis but I haven’t done none of them!)
  3. Look for a good school (day care and pre school) for you. 
  4. Look for a next place to live (your papa is ready to sell his condo. Where shall we live?)

I will do #3 for sure. You need to meet kids like your age and learn a social skill soon. You shouldn’t stay home until kindergarten. I would love to take you to Japanese school and hopefully I will find one that we like and think suitable for you. 

I wish our daily lives will be full of fun and full of good, positive energy this year. Be happy, keep smiles on your face and be healthy. 

A Happy New Year, Luca! 
Much Love,
Your mama


Both of you and Happy begged for my food. lol
We went to the park again! This time with your Papa!

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