First ritual on Christmas Day 


First time on swing!
He is not sure what to think yet.
 Luca: 7 months and 2 weeks old

Merry Christmas Luca! Today is your first day to spend Christmas! Since we don’t have a big family, we stayed in town and exchanged gifts with Papa and Mama. You received a lot of gifts from Small Gmama from Japan! You got a lot of toys, stuffed animals, books (this is from your god mother), and table wares! How nice is that!

After opening gifts and walked Happy, we came back home for lunch and you had to take a nap. But I didn’t want to finish a day with only opening gifts. That is not Christmas all about! I thought about doing something different for you and thought trying swing would be a fun experience (Going to church for Christmas would be for later when you understand little more why we celebrate Christmas).

Since your Papa was sick, I took you out by myself to Barrington Park. Because I know there isn’t that many kids go there and since this would be your first time, I wanted you to enjoy as long as you enjoy! 

Oh boy oh boy, you had a lot of fun on the swing! At the beginning, your face was telling me you weren’t sure this is fun or scary thing. But later on, I think you got used to it and you started to enjoy more and more!

It was a little windy day that froze my body and you didn’t have enough clothes to be warm so we stayed only about 15 min. 

When I put you back in my car, you had such a satisfied, happy face. That’s when I knew I did a right thing for you today. 😊 Your smile made me so happy and declared myself that I will do something new especially on every Christmas. Let’s make this ritual!! 😄😄😄 

Look at his face. I can tell he had a good time on swing.

I love you, Luca!

Let’s explore more things!!

Much Love, Your mama

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