Nice to meet you, Santa!

Luca: 7 months and 2 weeks old

Christmas is coming in a day and I thought I should introduce you to Santa Claus. I know you won’t know who he is until … Maybe 3, 4 years old? But I was kind of excited to do a “parent” thing so I decided to take you to… I won’t tell you where. Just in case you still believe in Santa when you read this. 

As soon as we arrived to this place, there was a loooooong line to meet Santa. I thought ok, we should have enough time to go a rest room before we meet Santa. And you were sleeping in the car seat and didn’t want to wake you and be grumpy. So I waited till you wake up. And waited, waited… And waited… Hmm should I wake you up..? I just sat at a bench right in front of the line for a while and started to notice the line was getting shorter. “Oh cool maybe if we start to line up now, he might wake up in perfect timing” so I pushed the stroller and was about to reach to the line BUT the security told me to come back at 2pm. Santa needs to take a break and eat lunch… Oh nooo! What are we going to do?? 

Hmm I wasn’t sure what my plan B was but I walked around and see what was going on in Santa’s house. 

Aww there he is!! I was like come on Luca! Wake up! We couldn’t get to meet Santa but at least you can see him from here! You were still sleeping…

Oh well should I just take you home…? Walking around, and walking around his house. And I was reading Santa’s schedule and found out his lunch time was from 1pm. I looked at my watch and it showed that it was 12:45pm. Hmm the line gets shorter and seems like one photo shoot takes about 3 min at the most. So I decided to ask if they can take one more baby. 

The Santa’s assistant asked her boss and he said ok! Good thing I asked and Luca woke up in literally perfect timing! Yayyyy! 

We took 4 photos with Santa (you usually smile at a camera but somehow you didn’t this time. Were you scared? Confused where you were?) and his assistant told me to pick only one photo. Man, it was hard to choose from. All of them were good! Haha This assistant was really serious lady and she said “nope, you can pick only one!” 

So there it was. It was more for me than for you apparently. Probably you won’t remember but that’s ok. You have a photo to look at. And also, I hope little experiences including this type of things make your world bigger. That is my ultimate goal. Love you, Luca. 

Much Love,
your mama

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