Standing is a serious business


You look like a cowboy! “Howdy, partner!”
  Luca: 7 months 2 weeks

I’ve been wanting to write when you finally started to stand up for a while but I was distracted by busy work, Christmas preparation and Christmas itself! I’m sorry! 
My work finally reached to final touch up and I feel like finally caught up. I had crazy busy 2 months and 2 weeks. And I have 2 more days to go. And I can’t wait to finish this project and move on to something different project. It was too much things to do in short period of time. 
Anyway, the day you finally stood up is December 8th (lol it’s been 22 days!). 
You started to grab a knot on drawers and pulled yourself up and that was it. You wanted to keep trying over and over. When you see higher target, you want to grab that and pull yourself up again. If you fall on your butt, you get up and try again. I think you are a challenger and I love what I see in front of me. I love a challenger who doesn’t give up until you reach to the goal (in the good way of course). That’s my boy!! I’m so proud of you! 

Go Go Go! Reach higher!



First ritual on Christmas Day 


First time on swing!
He is not sure what to think yet.
 Luca: 7 months and 2 weeks old

Merry Christmas Luca! Today is your first day to spend Christmas! Since we don’t have a big family, we stayed in town and exchanged gifts with Papa and Mama. You received a lot of gifts from Small Gmama from Japan! You got a lot of toys, stuffed animals, books (this is from your god mother), and table wares! How nice is that!

After opening gifts and walked Happy, we came back home for lunch and you had to take a nap. But I didn’t want to finish a day with only opening gifts. That is not Christmas all about! I thought about doing something different for you and thought trying swing would be a fun experience (Going to church for Christmas would be for later when you understand little more why we celebrate Christmas).

Since your Papa was sick, I took you out by myself to Barrington Park. Because I know there isn’t that many kids go there and since this would be your first time, I wanted you to enjoy as long as you enjoy! 

Oh boy oh boy, you had a lot of fun on the swing! At the beginning, your face was telling me you weren’t sure this is fun or scary thing. But later on, I think you got used to it and you started to enjoy more and more!

It was a little windy day that froze my body and you didn’t have enough clothes to be warm so we stayed only about 15 min. 

When I put you back in my car, you had such a satisfied, happy face. That’s when I knew I did a right thing for you today. 😊 Your smile made me so happy and declared myself that I will do something new especially on every Christmas. Let’s make this ritual!! 😄😄😄 

Look at his face. I can tell he had a good time on swing.

I love you, Luca!

Let’s explore more things!!

Much Love, Your mama

Nice to meet you, Santa!

Luca: 7 months and 2 weeks old

Christmas is coming in a day and I thought I should introduce you to Santa Claus. I know you won’t know who he is until … Maybe 3, 4 years old? But I was kind of excited to do a “parent” thing so I decided to take you to… I won’t tell you where. Just in case you still believe in Santa when you read this. 

As soon as we arrived to this place, there was a loooooong line to meet Santa. I thought ok, we should have enough time to go a rest room before we meet Santa. And you were sleeping in the car seat and didn’t want to wake you and be grumpy. So I waited till you wake up. And waited, waited… And waited… Hmm should I wake you up..? I just sat at a bench right in front of the line for a while and started to notice the line was getting shorter. “Oh cool maybe if we start to line up now, he might wake up in perfect timing” so I pushed the stroller and was about to reach to the line BUT the security told me to come back at 2pm. Santa needs to take a break and eat lunch… Oh nooo! What are we going to do?? 

Hmm I wasn’t sure what my plan B was but I walked around and see what was going on in Santa’s house. 

Aww there he is!! I was like come on Luca! Wake up! We couldn’t get to meet Santa but at least you can see him from here! You were still sleeping…

Oh well should I just take you home…? Walking around, and walking around his house. And I was reading Santa’s schedule and found out his lunch time was from 1pm. I looked at my watch and it showed that it was 12:45pm. Hmm the line gets shorter and seems like one photo shoot takes about 3 min at the most. So I decided to ask if they can take one more baby. 

The Santa’s assistant asked her boss and he said ok! Good thing I asked and Luca woke up in literally perfect timing! Yayyyy! 

We took 4 photos with Santa (you usually smile at a camera but somehow you didn’t this time. Were you scared? Confused where you were?) and his assistant told me to pick only one photo. Man, it was hard to choose from. All of them were good! Haha This assistant was really serious lady and she said “nope, you can pick only one!” 

So there it was. It was more for me than for you apparently. Probably you won’t remember but that’s ok. You have a photo to look at. And also, I hope little experiences including this type of things make your world bigger. That is my ultimate goal. Love you, Luca. 

Much Love,
your mama

Solid food: carrots


When you see this, tight closed mouth, you immediately know he doesn’t want it, don’t you?
Luca: 6 months and 3 weeks
Solid food: carrots (4 days 11/27/15 – 11/30/15)

After the wall painting was over in our house, I finally was able to re-start to feed Luca solid food again. I know he is ok with rice cereal, and avocado so far so now I wanted him to try carrots. 

Oh boy oh boy… When I gave him the first spoon of carrots, he made a face “Wth…!?” And he looked at me. He made an expression almost same as he’d had a bite of lemon or something. Or it was too hot for him.. I’m not sure which one but I made sure it wasn’t too hot so I think I can cross that out. 

I remember one of my mommy and me threads in Facebook that they talked about feeding carrots to their babies and most of their babies had the same type of reaction or worse. And they said “don’t worry about it. Keep trying. Your baby will get used to it and eventually he/she would start liking it”. So I gave him a try for 4 days. Probably the first impression of carrots was so bad that Luca didn’t want to give a try next day or the following day at all, AT ALL. He would get excited at the very beginning of the meal each day but as soon as he sees orange stuff on the spoon, he refused it (as you can see in the photo above). I tried some bites myself but it tasted good to me, actually it was sweet. So I have no idea why he doesn’t like it. Well maybe I can guess… The transition from avocado to carrots, the flavor and texture are completely different. So if that’s his point of view, I get it. 

So when I was observing his rejection of carrots, he showed me how much he didn’t want try anymore by closing his mouth so tightly like the picture above. And also, he turned his head away to the west, to the east, and to the south. So quietly and no cries. 

I kind of noticed he doesn’t cry much when the diaper is wet or when he is hungry. He cries only when he doesn’t want to go sleep and he wants me to hold him. Interesting. I feel like I need to watch him closely otherwise I won’t notice what he needs and what he wants. Should I be graceful for him not crying? I don’t know. I just want to notice and make sure I can provide his needs. 

As for trying carrots… I don’t want to force it. I think I should move on to peas and come back to it. Maybe he will like it eventually.