His love list


Look at him with a pacifier on and the shampoo hat! Love the look in my own selfish reason. Too cute and I don’t want to forget this look, ever.
Luca: 6 months old

Love List: pacifier, pacifier and pacifier, ba ba (my boobies), bath, blah blah (a bear stuffed animal), a wheel toy, Happy, Nash, jumping, crawling, Papa and Mama (of course❤️) and more pacifier… 
Luca can’t leave his pacifier alone. If he finds it, he crawls to it, grab it and put it in his mouth. A month ago or so, he didn’t know which side is the right way to put it in his mouth but now since about a week ago, he started to learn which side is right way and if he finds wrong side is in his mouth, he corrects himself. I was impressed. At 6 months old, I didn’t know he has an ability to do that. I mean maybe this is average thing to do throughout other babies but I was just simply surprised what a little baby can do already. 

At a nap time or night time, we use the pacifier as a tool to make him fall asleep. Usually, once it’s in, he sleeps almost right away. Once we found that out, we started to depend on the pacifier… Now he is 6 months old, and teeth might be coming out soon (I don’t see anything yet though), we should start thinking when to wean it out. It will be tough task for all of us probably though. His papa and I tend to be nervous a little when we are going out somewhere without having a pacifier. One time his papa said “Gosh, where are all the pacifiers (we had about 5 of them at that time)? Can you buy a few more?” So I did. Now we have about 12. Lol We just wanted to make sure we have at least a couple of them at every parts in our house. I guess that’s crazy… But what can we do?  I wonder Luca himself gets crazy if he can’t find it at all… 

So the question is… When do we have to start thinking about wean it out…? Scary thing to think about. 😐😟😅 

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