My birthday


Watching the new Star Wars movie trailer with his papa
Luca: 6 months old

Today was my birthday. Your papa was planning to celebrate for me but unfortunately he got sick, a stomach pain. He was having a fever and chills so we had to stay home. We were planning to take you to your God mother’s house and ask her to watch you for a few hours but since your papa didn’t feel so good, you ended up spending a time with me more. 😄 

At the beginning, I thought I was unfortunate not to be able to celebrate on my birthday however when I turn my mind around, I got to spend more time with you on my birthday so I should feel lucky. 

Instead of going a restaurant or shopping, I just took myself out to a nail salon and did my pedicure. That was my day. 

Btw, your papa gave me a diamond ring candle as a birthday gift. The candle is supposed to contain a ring with a special code. When you enter the code, you find out if you might won a $100, $1000, or $5000 ring. I thought this was like a lottery ticket. Your papa bought me a dream. And the result was… I didn’t win anything. Whaa whaaa. Lol My dream just popped… 😕

[Update] 11/15/15

Seems like he is still sick. I don’t think we are going out after all. I’ve never had one birthday not celebrating. I feel really sad. Can I turn my mind around and think positive? Probably. I hope he will get better and he can eat what he wants. 

Much Love, your mama

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