First time change


Good morning! After a rough night, Luca shows a great smile! You don’t remember how much you cried last night?? lol
Luca: last day of 5 months!

It has been a week and two days since we changed our clock back an hour. You would think you would adjust after a couple days. Not us with this baby. 

On first day of the change, I thought Luca adjusted pretty well and he went to bed about 8pm (that means 9pm before the change). More days we spent, I think he realizes it’s getting darker sooner so by the time I get home from work around 530pm, he is already tired and sleepy! That means I don’t get to play with him that much. 😕

Today, I got a text from his papa that Luca wanted to take a nap at 530pm. That was when I was driving back home from work. He can’t take a nap after 5pm! He won’t be able to sleep when he is supposed to sleep. 

I hurried and came back home and fed him right away and read some books. I didn’t think I would do the routine right after my work. But I can tell he was already sleepy. 

He is being like this this 3 days. I wonder he will adjust himself to stay up little longer after a while… 


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