Finally they got closer to each other!


I love this view that Nash actually likes to be next to Luca. I always thought he didn’t care much.
Luca: 23 weeks old

I was super tired to put him down in to his crib after the breastfeeding and he fell in sleep in my bed around 4am this morning. 

I woke up around 630am and this is what I found: Nash was right next to Luca. 

Usually Nash is always scared of Luca because of course he screams, and cries ALL the time. I can tell Nash thinks Luca is a little crazy creature. He is always cautious. 

But I’m pretty sure Nash thought it’s safe to be next to him AND he can sleep right next to me.

I always tell Luca Nash is his big brother. So is Happy. And I can see in his eyes that he is curious about both of them and started to show his smiles when he sees them. 


a cat and a baby
Nash is so cautious…
Uh oh! They are getting close!!
Happy always show his love to Luca.

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