Happy Halloween! πŸ‘»

Luca: 23 weeks old 

Happy Halloween!

Obviously it is Luca’s first Halloween so you can imagine how excited I was what his costume to be. Since his Papa loves Star Wars, I wanted to find one of the characters but it’s either too expensive or too big. 

So I was browsing around in Amazon, Etsy and other websites and after so many disapproval from his Papa, I finally found something we could agree on: Little Bear costume from Amazon (above). 

I should’ve tried out before Halloween came but of course being procrastinated that I tried to put it on him today. I already could imagine Luca would cry when I tried to put the body suite on him and sure enough he did. 

So when we got there at mommy and me class, I just put the head part on him. He was so cute enough, he didn’t need to wear the body suite. ❀️😍


A baby with a bear head
You are just too cute! ❀️❀️❀️
A baby with a bear head. Halloween
Omg, you look like a stuffed animal😍!! I just want to hug you so tightly!!
A  baby with a cute smile!
In mommy and me class. You are the cutest!!

In the evening, Frankie, Luca and I went to “Rise of the Jack O’Lanterns” at Descanso Garden. My coworkers told me how cool this event was so I was so excited to see the Jack O’Lanterns. 

I don’t know how many of pumpkins were carved but there were SO many of them. So details, so many themes. We were impressed that made us think who did the work! Art Students? Artists? Volunteers from Descanso Gardens? Amazing art work. 

There were so many themes but if I had to pick my favorite, that would be the Dragon. I liked the patterns which creates Dragon’s scale. And the tiger. It reminded me of Nash (my cat). He sits like the tiger in the picture. Lol


Descanso Garden, Rise of Jack O'Lanterns
At Rise of Jack O’Lanterns, Descanso Garden. My favorite, Dragon.
Look at this details!
Tiger: pumpkins
Oh hey Nadh! What are you doing here?
Sesame Street: pumpkins
Sesame Street
Luca was up at the beginning but…
I had to eat a hot dog even though I ate a tacos and ceviche tostadas like 2 hours ago!! lol Frankie was too full to eat something after his burritos…

Very impressive work!

See… he fell in sleep for the whole time. Good thing your mama keeps a blog and some pics for you so then you can see and read later on!

Of course Luca fell in sleep for whole time…

We got home around 830pm. It passed way over his bed time AND he slept throughout the trip so I expected the worst. 

Luca struggled to fall back in sleep for 2 hours. A lot of crying, and a lot of fighting with himself (rubbing his eyes and yawning). Finally he fell in sleep lying down next to me. He woke up once at 130am, was fed and slept next to me again. I tried to put him in his crib once but he woke up right away and he ended up sleeping next to me. Argh, I hope all of the effort I have done in this past few days don’t go down on drain… 

Let’s see how he reacts and sleeps tomorrow…

Aw, btw tomorrow will be time changing. Summer time is over. It means I have another challenge with Luca. He has to learn how to adjust himself one hour ahead… 😱

Good night!

Much Love, your mama

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