Happy Thanksgiving!


Your godmother set up beautiful vintage lunch table.
We put you in the car seat for a while but you got so restless so you moved on to the high chair after this.

Luca: 6 months and 2 weeks
Solid food: avocado (4th day. You seem to love it now!)

I am very thankful for having a great family with you and your papa. My whole world changed because of you in a good way, great way! 

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃❤️

Life lesson that your mama learned this week


Baby on a swinger, sleeping
I am so thankful and so lucky to have you as my son, Luca.❤️

Luca: 6 months and 2 weeks
Solid food: avocado (3rd day)

Today, I’m going to talk about my work, not much about you Luca. 

I’ve been so stressed out lately for this project that I am in at my work right now. It is a huge project and I am one of the main guys that everyone kind of depend on. If I don’t finish a task, nobody can go forward. It doesn’t sound productive but this project is in a special case that doesn’t happen that often. 

I am a front end engineer at this one HR tech company.  I am belong to Mobile team at this moment (for 3 years!) and we are changing the look of our mobile app. It has been about a month and a half since this project has been started and we have 4 more weeks to go. 

Long story short, after I discussed about my issue and this project, my boss mentioned an interesting point: I tend to overplease people. 

My time is limited, super limited. I work 7 hours a day instead of 8 hours because I pump twice a day and I need to feed you at lunch time so I can’t really spend my lunch at my desk anymore. Before I had you, when people asked me to do extra work, I took it without questioning them if it’s really necessary right at this moment. I’ve never said no to people ‘s request. Because I want to make them happy, I want to help them so then I feel happy and I could stay longer at my office if I needed more time. But now my another responsibility is waiting for me at home at 515pm. That means no overtime, no more extra work. I tend to do same thing as before my pregnancy with shorter amount of time. No wonder I was running behind of my schedule. Lol

You would think it’s helping people when you say yes to their requests but actually you are not doing any favor to yourself. They start stepping all over you too. I just need to know when to say no but with suggestion, provide other ideas so then it will be a win-win situation. This is the discussion I had with my boss. 

It was a little eye-opener comment that he gave me. “Overplease people”. I have thought about it before but when I hear that from someone else’s mouth, it sounded different and it shocked to me. 

But you know what got me through this stressful week(s)? Your smile, Luca and the face when you are sleeping. You just give me so much of joy that as soon as I see your face and see your smile, I just forget what I’ve gone through on that day. I am so thankful that God chose us and let me and your papa to have the responsibility to raise you. I love you very very much. ❤️

Much Love,
Your mama

His love list


Look at him with a pacifier on and the shampoo hat! Love the look in my own selfish reason. Too cute and I don’t want to forget this look, ever.
Luca: 6 months old

Love List: pacifier, pacifier and pacifier, ba ba (my boobies), bath, blah blah (a bear stuffed animal), a wheel toy, Happy, Nash, jumping, crawling, Papa and Mama (of course❤️) and more pacifier… 
Luca can’t leave his pacifier alone. If he finds it, he crawls to it, grab it and put it in his mouth. A month ago or so, he didn’t know which side is the right way to put it in his mouth but now since about a week ago, he started to learn which side is right way and if he finds wrong side is in his mouth, he corrects himself. I was impressed. At 6 months old, I didn’t know he has an ability to do that. I mean maybe this is average thing to do throughout other babies but I was just simply surprised what a little baby can do already. 

At a nap time or night time, we use the pacifier as a tool to make him fall asleep. Usually, once it’s in, he sleeps almost right away. Once we found that out, we started to depend on the pacifier… Now he is 6 months old, and teeth might be coming out soon (I don’t see anything yet though), we should start thinking when to wean it out. It will be tough task for all of us probably though. His papa and I tend to be nervous a little when we are going out somewhere without having a pacifier. One time his papa said “Gosh, where are all the pacifiers (we had about 5 of them at that time)? Can you buy a few more?” So I did. Now we have about 12. Lol We just wanted to make sure we have at least a couple of them at every parts in our house. I guess that’s crazy… But what can we do?  I wonder Luca himself gets crazy if he can’t find it at all… 

So the question is… When do we have to start thinking about wean it out…? Scary thing to think about. 😐😟😅 

My birthday


Watching the new Star Wars movie trailer with his papa
Luca: 6 months old

Today was my birthday. Your papa was planning to celebrate for me but unfortunately he got sick, a stomach pain. He was having a fever and chills so we had to stay home. We were planning to take you to your God mother’s house and ask her to watch you for a few hours but since your papa didn’t feel so good, you ended up spending a time with me more. 😄 

At the beginning, I thought I was unfortunate not to be able to celebrate on my birthday however when I turn my mind around, I got to spend more time with you on my birthday so I should feel lucky. 

Instead of going a restaurant or shopping, I just took myself out to a nail salon and did my pedicure. That was my day. 

Btw, your papa gave me a diamond ring candle as a birthday gift. The candle is supposed to contain a ring with a special code. When you enter the code, you find out if you might won a $100, $1000, or $5000 ring. I thought this was like a lottery ticket. Your papa bought me a dream. And the result was… I didn’t win anything. Whaa whaaa. Lol My dream just popped… 😕

[Update] 11/15/15

Seems like he is still sick. I don’t think we are going out after all. I’ve never had one birthday not celebrating. I feel really sad. Can I turn my mind around and think positive? Probably. I hope he will get better and he can eat what he wants. 

Much Love, your mama

Happy 6 months!

Luca: 6 months old!

Happy 6 months, Luca!!

You grow so fast. I thought you are just born like yesterday but it has been already 6 months. I enjoy this ride of new life with you and also find a joy to witness every single milestones you are stepping on. You can crawl now, you can grab things now, you can grab pacifier and put it on in your mouth now, you eat solid food now, you can sit by yourself occasionally now… You can do so many things!! 

And I love you throw your arms at me and ask me to hold you when I come back home from work. Whatever I go through the day at work, good and bad, I can leave that at work and enjoy the two hours before you go to bed. 

You are such a happy baby. You always have a great smile that makes my day and night. I love you very much. ❤️❤️❤️

A lot of love, your mama

First time change


Good morning! After a rough night, Luca shows a great smile! You don’t remember how much you cried last night?? lol
Luca: last day of 5 months!

It has been a week and two days since we changed our clock back an hour. You would think you would adjust after a couple days. Not us with this baby. 

On first day of the change, I thought Luca adjusted pretty well and he went to bed about 8pm (that means 9pm before the change). More days we spent, I think he realizes it’s getting darker sooner so by the time I get home from work around 530pm, he is already tired and sleepy! That means I don’t get to play with him that much. 😕

Today, I got a text from his papa that Luca wanted to take a nap at 530pm. That was when I was driving back home from work. He can’t take a nap after 5pm! He won’t be able to sleep when he is supposed to sleep. 

I hurried and came back home and fed him right away and read some books. I didn’t think I would do the routine right after my work. But I can tell he was already sleepy. 

He is being like this this 3 days. I wonder he will adjust himself to stay up little longer after a while… 


Finally they got closer to each other!


I love this view that Nash actually likes to be next to Luca. I always thought he didn’t care much.
Luca: 23 weeks old

I was super tired to put him down in to his crib after the breastfeeding and he fell in sleep in my bed around 4am this morning. 

I woke up around 630am and this is what I found: Nash was right next to Luca. 

Usually Nash is always scared of Luca because of course he screams, and cries ALL the time. I can tell Nash thinks Luca is a little crazy creature. He is always cautious. 

But I’m pretty sure Nash thought it’s safe to be next to him AND he can sleep right next to me.

I always tell Luca Nash is his big brother. So is Happy. And I can see in his eyes that he is curious about both of them and started to show his smiles when he sees them. 


a cat and a baby
Nash is so cautious…
Uh oh! They are getting close!!
Happy always show his love to Luca.

Happy Halloween! 👻

Luca: 23 weeks old 

Happy Halloween!

Obviously it is Luca’s first Halloween so you can imagine how excited I was what his costume to be. Since his Papa loves Star Wars, I wanted to find one of the characters but it’s either too expensive or too big. 

So I was browsing around in Amazon, Etsy and other websites and after so many disapproval from his Papa, I finally found something we could agree on: Little Bear costume from Amazon (above). 

I should’ve tried out before Halloween came but of course being procrastinated that I tried to put it on him today. I already could imagine Luca would cry when I tried to put the body suite on him and sure enough he did. 

So when we got there at mommy and me class, I just put the head part on him. He was so cute enough, he didn’t need to wear the body suite. ❤️😍


A baby with a bear head
You are just too cute! ❤️❤️❤️
A baby with a bear head. Halloween
Omg, you look like a stuffed animal😍!! I just want to hug you so tightly!!
A  baby with a cute smile!
In mommy and me class. You are the cutest!!

In the evening, Frankie, Luca and I went to “Rise of the Jack O’Lanterns” at Descanso Garden. My coworkers told me how cool this event was so I was so excited to see the Jack O’Lanterns. 

I don’t know how many of pumpkins were carved but there were SO many of them. So details, so many themes. We were impressed that made us think who did the work! Art Students? Artists? Volunteers from Descanso Gardens? Amazing art work. 

There were so many themes but if I had to pick my favorite, that would be the Dragon. I liked the patterns which creates Dragon’s scale. And the tiger. It reminded me of Nash (my cat). He sits like the tiger in the picture. Lol


Descanso Garden, Rise of Jack O'Lanterns
At Rise of Jack O’Lanterns, Descanso Garden. My favorite, Dragon.
Look at this details!
Tiger: pumpkins
Oh hey Nadh! What are you doing here?
Sesame Street: pumpkins
Sesame Street
Luca was up at the beginning but…
I had to eat a hot dog even though I ate a tacos and ceviche tostadas like 2 hours ago!! lol Frankie was too full to eat something after his burritos…

Very impressive work!

See… he fell in sleep for the whole time. Good thing your mama keeps a blog and some pics for you so then you can see and read later on!

Of course Luca fell in sleep for whole time…

We got home around 830pm. It passed way over his bed time AND he slept throughout the trip so I expected the worst. 

Luca struggled to fall back in sleep for 2 hours. A lot of crying, and a lot of fighting with himself (rubbing his eyes and yawning). Finally he fell in sleep lying down next to me. He woke up once at 130am, was fed and slept next to me again. I tried to put him in his crib once but he woke up right away and he ended up sleeping next to me. Argh, I hope all of the effort I have done in this past few days don’t go down on drain… 

Let’s see how he reacts and sleeps tomorrow…

Aw, btw tomorrow will be time changing. Summer time is over. It means I have another challenge with Luca. He has to learn how to adjust himself one hour ahead… 😱

Good night!

Much Love, your mama