Sleeping Habit #4

Luca: 23 weeks old

Today was Happy’s birthday (14 yrs old) and I stopped by Petco to get his birthday gift. 

I came back home around 620pm (I should’ve gone there from work not going back home first) and finally fed Luca solid food around 7pm. I didn’t get to play with him long enough after the meal and his bed time already came along. 

He was still full energy by the time I finished the ritual. He was wide awake after the breastfeeding and wanted to talk more, play with gargling sound and touching my face. 

I even sang “Kira Kira Boshi (twinkle twinkle little star)” a few times. He listened and gave me a smile. I was expecting he would fall in sleep with this song but too bad it didn’t work out. Maybe I’m such a tone deaf that he can’t sleep… Lol (but he smiled at me when I sang. That made me so happy💕❤️💕)

Frankie suggested me to put him on the floor and let him play a little. He even crawled in full speed for a few times! I thought that would tire him out but it didn’t. 

After all that our effort, of course he had to cry loud in his crib. Cry > picking him out + sooth him > crib > cry > pick + sooth > crib > and it goes on for about 15 min. Finally he fell in sleep not in his crib but on my bed. Frankie moved him in his crib after that. 

Now it has been 30 min (almost 10pm). Probably he will wake up in 30 min or so and the another battle will start again as usual. Not fun at all but it doesn’t last longer than 1130pm so let’s hope and pray same thing will happen tonight as well. 

Should I go to sleep now or wait till the battle is over…? 

Good night. 

[Update] Luca made a sound for a few seconds later he fell back in sleep again. That was 1030pm. And woke up around 2am. I fed him and put him back to his crib. That was it. He had a good night sleep until 630am. Yay!

Much love, your mama

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