Sleeping Habit #3

Luca: 23 weeks old 

Another long night…

Tonight Luca slept pretty well again until 1015pm (from 730pm). Now I’m struggling again to put him in sleep. I’m doing cto method, letting him cry for 3 min and holding him and sooth him if he doesn’t stop cry and I repeat the steps over and over. It’s 1137pm right now. After rocking him in my arms for several min and bouncing him for over 10 min, walking around and bouncing him again on the bouncing ball for another 10 min, finally he fell in sleep!! I feel a victory here. Lol 

I want to train him to fall in sleep without my feeding eventually. And I think I am doing it!

I am pretty sure I will have another rough night tomorrow but dealing with a little over an hour is not too bad… So far. Who knows how he is going to react next 2 hours… I hope he will sleep until at least 2 am or so. 

I need to get some sleep! Good night. I’m sorry I rocked you a little hard tonight, Luca (but it helped you to fall in sleep for a min or two). 

Love you very much, your mama

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