Sleeping habit

Luca: 23 weeks old

I feel I’m a failure when it comes to his sleeping habit. I want him to sleep throughout a night without feeding him before he goes to bed. That is my ultimate goal. But last night, something was off . He cried every 2 hours and demanded me to hold him. 

Usually, he mumbles but he doesn’t cry much. After holding him for a while, he falls into sleep. After midnight, he wants to drink a couple of times so I feed him. But that’s about it. Last night though, it was rough. A lot of crying. Why? I don’t know. It wasn’t a wet or dirty diaper for sure. Because I checked and even changed it just to make myself feel better. Maybe because of Breaskmilk Popsicle that I gave him. Maybe he had a stomach ache… So I gave the gripe water (he liked to drink it). I am not sure it worked but after 30 min or so he fell in sleep. 

I didn’t want to give in to let him sleep with me. So I hang on and tried my best to wake myself up and take care of Luca. But at 6am (I had one more hour that I wanted to sleep), I gave in. Too tired. And Luca was so peaceful and sleep in till I woke up. Ohhh poop… 😕 

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