Sleeping habit #2

Luca: 23 weeks old

Tonight is same thing as last night. Luca cried a lot. Although he slept through for 2.5 hours from 730pm. This is not too bad. 

I changed a little bit of routine. 

As I came back home from work, I took him out for a walk for about 20 min. Not too short, not too long. I didn’t want him to fall in sleep before his bed time. I fed him solid food: tofu but no Popsicle. I bathed him a bit, but no shampoo on his head or wiping his face. After putting clean diaper and pj on, I read a couple books which I usually do before the bath time but I switched it to after. After the reading, I finally fed him. He had about 6-7 oz of milk which is a lot more than usual. So I hope this new routine relaxed him a bit. 

Now, it’s 1130pm. After a lot of crying for an hour, he finally fell in sleep. It has been about 30 min now. I am hoping he will sleep until 2am or longer. That would be a record if he can sleep till then. I hate to say it and I hate doing this to him but I guess letting him crying makes him tired more. I don’t want him to cry. I am not the type of mom that she doesn’t care about her own child. I do care. But crying works… Cry all you want Luca. I’m here for you. Good night 😘

Much Love, your mama 

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