Luca’s motivation for crawling…


Baby gives a smile at Julia Roberts. Vanity Fair magazine
Luca knows when and who to smile!
Luca: 21 weeks old

He started “trying” to crawl and his motivation is … Julia Roberts. 

Frankie gave me a magazine that he found at the lobby: Vanity Fair. I was interested to read because of Riahana. I don’t prefer to listen to her songs. I’ve never interested to listen to it (although I have to admit there are a couple songs that are so catchy and I don’t mind listening to them.) But I was interested to her life style and her mind. I found it interesting that she is just like us. She got funny sense of humor, she worries about her future love etc. 

After I finished reading the article and flipped the magazine, I found Julia Roberts was smiling in the back of the magazine. I showed that to Luca and he started to smile at her. I just discovered Luca knows who to smile. He knows what smile is. Smart boy! 😂

As I discovered that, I just thought what if I put that in front of him. What would he do? The moment I captured in the photo answered my question. It did motivated him to get closer: crawling!! He didn’t crawl much because he didn’t know how yet. But definitely I saw he moved a couple inches. I was so excited to witness another milestone!!

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