First solid food


Baby rice porridge
10倍粥 Luca’s first rice porridge
Baby with a rice on his face.
Luca tried his first solid food!!
Luca: 20 weeks old (reached 5 months old last Sunday!)

Luca finally has tried his first solid food: rice porridge. Cooked with 2 teaspoon of rice and 20 teaspoons of water in the rice cooker. And after its done cooking, I puréed it. 

He sat on my lap and I fed him with a tiny baby spoon. I couldn’t see his face expression but from his hands gesture (he wanted more), he seemed to like it. I am not sure he swallowed it but I’ll continue trying to feed him once a day for 2 weeks. 

From tomorrow, he will sit in his high chair and eat! He is growing and growing… Somebody stops him from growing!! 😩😊


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