Sleep Training Day 2 Afterwards

So it was harder than Day 1. 

Until Midnight, it was as same as the night before. I fed him and he fell in sleep right away. Now at 3am, he got little fussy so I padded his back and it wasn’t enough so I picked him up and tried to sooth him. It worked out, for about 30 min. So during the 30 min, I didn’t think he would wake up again and being fussy so I pumped. Now he cried again. Padding his back, picking him up and bounce him didn’t work so I had to feed him. I didn’t think it would come out right away but it did its job. He fell in sleep again. Thank god… 

So I have to recalculate my pumping timing now. Seems like he drinks every 4-5 hours now. His pedi told me he doesn’t need to be fed at night now but I will see. 

My concern though, Luca gets upset when my breasts don’t have a big flow. Especially right one. More you don’t use it, less flow it will be. And that is happening to my right boob. I’m little worried because how long does he want to drink my Breaskmilk? Until 6 months? Until 1 year old? I want to breastfeed as long as I can. My initial goal was 1 year. Now … 6 months? When I think about the time I don’t have to feed him anymore, I would be sad. Breastfeeding is my joy that I am creating this healthy child, he is growing because I’m feeding him by using a part of my body. I feel so fortunate that I can bond with him this way. 

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