Sleep Training Day 2

Luca got a great smile as always!
Dressed up for nothing. It was so big that I thought it would be too big to wear but apparently it is not anymore! Frankie said “let’s put this on!”. He looks soooo adorable in this onesie. ❤

Luca: 4 months and 2 week old

Sleep Training Day 2. Well, let’s talk about last night: Day 1 first. How did it go? Very good!! 😄 Our plan was this: 8pm put him in his crib > if he cries before 12, just sooth him and put him back to his crib > at midnight or around midnight if he cries, feed him and put him back to his crib > after midnight, don’t feed him. If he cries, sooth him and put him back again. Repeat… So I completely stuck to this plan and I did it! Not so much fussiness and he knows how to put himself back to sleep. Well, between 8 to 10pm, he woke up every 30 min and cried. So I waited for 3 min, let him cry and picked him up and sooth him. I repeated that steps over and over. Now finally he is getting used to it.

So tonight is Day 2. It’s 8pm. I fed him about 5 min. He already fell in sleep before he moved on to the another side of my boob (I have to pump again…). I didn’t mean to wait but I was texting and when I was done, he was in completely deep sleep. Good.

I put him in the crib. No crying. No fussing. Excellent! Let’s see how long it’s going to last!!

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