Sleep training


My baby kisses his mama's face
Play Time after my work! So happy to see this little chubby face!
I love your smile, Luca!!
Luca: 4 months and 11 days

Since I have been nursing, I started to co-sleep with you. There are pros and cons about co-sleeping. Some people say it’s nothing wrong to sleep with your child. You can sooth your baby and you can nurse him at the same time. Mother has to sleep too. So that is why I chose to co-sleep. I just couldn’t get up and nurse and put you back to crib. I don’t think it’s my laziness. I have tried many days without co-sleeping but I was super exhausted. The bad side of co-sleeping is you might have to sleep with your child until 5 yrs old or longer. And a baby is not supposed to sleep on an adult’s bed anyway because of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Now you are 4 months old (and 11 days!), you are fed less frequently and know how to sooth yourself at some point (you know how to take a nap by yourself!). So your Papa and I thought this is the perfect opportunity to sleep train you (with CIO method – Cry-It-Out method). 

I tried last night but I couldn’t really pursue it because you had a vaccination and I thought you were uncomfortable. So tonight, we are really training you. So far, you woke up 3 times (almost every 30 min!) and I feel like it will be a long night ahead of us but I would really like you to get used to be in your crib. It’s time. If both of us straggle until middle of the night then, I will try again tomorrow. So let’s see how you handle this in your crib tonight! 😄  Good night, my love. 

Always with Love, your mama

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