Makes me a better person

While you are sleeping, I watch your face and think how peaceful your sleeping face is. Sometimes you smile, I don’t know what you are dreaming about but that makes me feel so happy that I am raising you with good heart as a good parent. Not giving you unpleasant feeling in any way. 

Since you are born, I have been trying to give you a joy every single day. One day when you are going to have discretion, I have to teach you right things on moral, integrity, manner/etiquette, respect etc. but before that, I the one have to act right so then I can be your role model. I don’t think I have bad etiquette, bad moral, disrespect anyone or anything but this is the good opportunity to look back and improve myself to be a better person. And I hope I can answer your “why?” questions regards to the sociality.

I shouldn’t expect too much and give you a pressure. That is not my intention. However, I wish you to be a good, thoughtful, and respectful person. I hope you will learn your best from us. 😄

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