Happy 4th month!


Luca's growth over full 3 month
Look at him how much he is growing! (from top left: 2 days old > 2 month old > 3 month old > 4 month old
Luca is always smiling.
You are such a happy baby! ❤️
Luca turns 4th month old
“Trying” to prove that you are grown up! haha
Everyone loves Luca's smile.
Look how cute your smile is❤️
Luca is held by Papa
While we were waiting for “crappy” lunch from a food truck (see your papa’s Yelp review of Chef Monique), your papa took you out from the stroller. You love being outside!
Luca: 16 week old

Happy 4th month! Wow time flies! I know I said this every time when I witness your milestone or every month or whatever but time does fly!! I thought I was ready to become a parent from a long time ago and I was so overwhelmed (your Papa too) at the beginning when you were born. But now we love being parents and we are very very VERY happy that you are here and you give us a joy. We love you very much ❤️

Love, your mama

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