First sip of water


a vintage brown glass
Luca had some sip of water from this glass today!
Luca: 4 months and 2 weeks

Today, Luca grabbed my hand while I was drinking water from this glass and showed his interest. His Dr.’s word popped up in my head that he should start drinking some water up to 4 oz a day now. So I tried and gave him some water. 

He didn’t know how to swallow it but he sure enjoyed the experience. He kept insisting to drink some more (most of it was spitting out to his shirt…). 

I have to get a couple sippy cups now!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Addition to this milestone. 

He also started to grab some objects from himself, not only those stuffs that are given to him. 

Good job, Luca!πŸ‘πŸ» I am so proud of you. 

Love you very much, your mama


Sleep Training Day 2 Afterwards

So it was harder than Day 1. 

Until Midnight, it was as same as the night before. I fed him and he fell in sleep right away. Now at 3am, he got little fussy so I padded his back and it wasn’t enough so I picked him up and tried to sooth him. It worked out, for about 30 min. So during the 30 min, I didn’t think he would wake up again and being fussy so I pumped. Now he cried again. Padding his back, picking him up and bounce him didn’t work so I had to feed him. I didn’t think it would come out right away but it did its job. He fell in sleep again. Thank god… 

So I have to recalculate my pumping timing now. Seems like he drinks every 4-5 hours now. His pedi told me he doesn’t need to be fed at night now but I will see. 

My concern though, Luca gets upset when my breasts don’t have a big flow. Especially right one. More you don’t use it, less flow it will be. And that is happening to my right boob. I’m little worried because how long does he want to drink my Breaskmilk? Until 6 months? Until 1 year old? I want to breastfeed as long as I can. My initial goal was 1 year. Now … 6 months? When I think about the time I don’t have to feed him anymore, I would be sad. Breastfeeding is my joy that I am creating this healthy child, he is growing because I’m feeding him by using a part of my body. I feel so fortunate that I can bond with him this way. 

Sleep Training Day 2

Luca got a great smile as always!
Dressed up for nothing. It was so big that I thought it would be too big to wear but apparently it is not anymore! Frankie said “let’s put this on!”. He looks soooo adorable in this onesie. ❀

Luca: 4 months and 2 week old

Sleep Training Day 2. Well, let’s talk about last night: Day 1 first. How did it go? Very good!! πŸ˜„ Our plan was this: 8pm put him in his crib > if he cries before 12, just sooth him and put him back to his crib > at midnight or around midnight if he cries, feed him and put him back to his crib > after midnight, don’t feed him. If he cries, sooth him and put him back again. Repeat… So I completely stuck to this plan and I did it! Not so much fussiness and he knows how to put himself back to sleep. Well, between 8 to 10pm, he woke up every 30 min and cried. So I waited for 3 min, let him cry and picked him up and sooth him. I repeated that steps over and over. Now finally he is getting used to it.

So tonight is Day 2. It’s 8pm. I fed him about 5 min. He already fell in sleep before he moved on to the another side of my boob (I have to pump again…). I didn’t mean to wait but I was texting and when I was done, he was in completely deep sleep. Good.

I put him in the crib. No crying. No fussing. Excellent! Let’s see how long it’s going to last!!

Sleep training


My baby kisses his mama's face
Play Time after my work! So happy to see this little chubby face!
I love your smile, Luca!!
Luca: 4 months and 11 days

Since I have been nursing, I started to co-sleep with you. There are pros and cons about co-sleeping. Some people say it’s nothing wrong to sleep with your child. You can sooth your baby and you can nurse him at the same time. Mother has to sleep too. So that is why I chose to co-sleep. I just couldn’t get up and nurse and put you back to crib. I don’t think it’s my laziness. I have tried many days without co-sleeping but I was super exhausted. The bad side of co-sleeping is you might have to sleep with your child until 5 yrs old or longer. And a baby is not supposed to sleep on an adult’s bed anyway because of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Now you are 4 months old (and 11 days!), you are fed less frequently and know how to sooth yourself at some point (you know how to take a nap by yourself!). So your Papa and I thought this is the perfect opportunity to sleep train you (with CIO method – Cry-It-Out method). 

I tried last night but I couldn’t really pursue it because you had a vaccination and I thought you were uncomfortable. So tonight, we are really training you. So far, you woke up 3 times (almost every 30 min!) and I feel like it will be a long night ahead of us but I would really like you to get used to be in your crib. It’s time. If both of us straggle until middle of the night then, I will try again tomorrow. So let’s see how you handle this in your crib tonight! πŸ˜„  Good night, my love. 

Always with Love, your mama

Makes me a better person

While you are sleeping, I watch your face and think how peaceful your sleeping face is. Sometimes you smile, I don’t know what you are dreaming about but that makes me feel so happy that I am raising you with good heart as a good parent. Not giving you unpleasant feeling in any way. 

Since you are born, I have been trying to give you a joy every single day. One day when you are going to have discretion, I have to teach you right things on moral, integrity, manner/etiquette, respect etc. but before that, I the one have to act right so then I can be your role model. I don’t think I have bad etiquette, bad moral, disrespect anyone or anything but this is the good opportunity to look back and improve myself to be a better person. And I hope I can answer your “why?” questions regards to the sociality.

I shouldn’t expect too much and give you a pressure. That is not my intention. However, I wish you to be a good, thoughtful, and respectful person. I hope you will learn your best from us. πŸ˜„

Happy 4th month!


Luca's growth over full 3 month
Look at him how much he is growing! (from top left: 2 days old > 2 month old > 3 month old > 4 month old
Luca is always smiling.
You are such a happy baby! ❀️
Luca turns 4th month old
“Trying” to prove that you are grown up! haha
Everyone loves Luca's smile.
Look how cute your smile is❀️
Luca is held by Papa
While we were waiting for “crappy” lunch from a food truck (see your papa’s Yelp review of Chef Monique), your papa took you out from the stroller. You love being outside!
Luca: 16 week old

Happy 4th month! Wow time flies! I know I said this every time when I witness your milestone or every month or whatever but time does fly!! I thought I was ready to become a parent from a long time ago and I was so overwhelmed (your Papa too) at the beginning when you were born. But now we love being parents and we are very very VERY happy that you are here and you give us a joy. We love you very much ❀️

Love, your mama

Another milestone: Rolling over


Luca: 16 weeks old (almost 4 months in 3 days!)

Yay! You finally learned how to roll over!! I am soooo proud of you! From a couple weeks ago, you tried to roll over so many times from yourself, I even showed you how to do it too but you couldn’t. Now somehow you figured it out by yourself. What a smart boy you are!! You can’t imagine how exciting this is. 

Love, your mama