Luca’s trend: P sound


Baby Luca is wearing a little cowboy bib!
Luca is going to meet my friends for the first time! Be ready to meet hot ladies!!
Luca: 15 weeks old

You just discovered P sound recently. 

When you wake up, when you are being changed your diaper, when you play on the floor… You always play with the sound, P “Phhhhhhhh!” like a motorcycle sound effect. Your papa is so thrilled that you might pronounce “Papa!” very soon. Lol (you should call “mama!” first!! lol) 

Happy 100th day! 

Happy 100th day (technically it was 107th day…), Luca!

We are so happy to celebrate your 100th day (and parenting!!) that you didn’t get sick or injured or anything. Just growing as a healthy, happy baby. 

In Asian countries, we celebrate 100th day for his strong, long and healthy life and won’t be troubl d in food for life. In Japanese, we call this tradition “okuizome”. It took me for 2 days to prepare this using Cookpad recipes. Those dishes came out so good that I am proud of myself. 

The tradition is the oldest in the family is supposed to feed you so your papa tried but you started to cry so after while, he gave up and started to cook his own food. Too bad my family wasn’t here with us so then we had more people to celebrate  with you and me. 

Anyway, I wish your strong, long and healthy life, Luca!! 

Love you, mama



Baby Sign Language: change

I started to learn and teach Baby Sign Language to Luca for about a month now.
He is a bit over 3 months now that it is too early to see if he understands and practices it but
I know it is not too early to show him.

What I’ve been practicing is just basic stuffs: diaper, change, bath, mama, papa, dog, cat etc…
I’ve read that I  should start 5 signs and keep repeating them over and over. So that is what I
have been doing. But after a month I have been practicing, I should just include other signs while I talk to him in Japanese. I hope I am not confusing to him but I am trying as clear as possible by pointing things out.

So today, I would like to put one sign that I use a lot: change. There is a sign for diaper but it is difficult to show him what it is since I want to use it when he is on the changing table and I am short (5 feet…).

Change: Baby Sing Language: change

It’s so hot…


Luca holds my hand
What a small hand…
Luca is having a little tummy time session.
Luca had a good night sleep..
Luca: 14 week and 1 day old

It’s been so hot lately in Santa Monica. It says 85 degree but I feel hotter than that. When Luca cries so much and I see beads of sweat from his head, I worry if this is too much to handle for him. 

At night, he wears only a diaper. He needs to be swaddled otherwise he won’t fall in sleep so that’s all he wears at night. Once he cries for hunger during the night, I just take his arms out from the swaddle. He seems to be ok with it.